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11 May 2006

The Pumpkin Soup engineering project

Having survived my Italian exam without sounding too much like an idiot (though it did feel like the longest 12 minutes of my life) I treated myself by hot-footing it down to the allotment and dragging my long-suffering assistant with me. Tonight’s project? The frame for the climbing beans.

I’d popped down earlier to purchase a quantity of 7′ canes from the shed so all we had to do was tie them together in a manner that will allow them to remain upright throughout the summer. Fingers crossed we’ve achieved that.

bean frame

Once we felt our creation was sturdy enough, I planted out some sweet peas at the ends (just because they’re pretty) and the first lot of beans that I sowed way back in the mists of time. This might be risky, but they are well hardened-off and I am optimistic that they will survive. If not, there are more beans just germinating now so I have a safety-net.

french beans

Finally, I sowed some nasturtiums underneath the frame as it is a wide bed so there will be a lot of bare soil otherwise. Mr Flowerdew says that beans and nasturtiums make good companions and I’m all for friendship down the plot.

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2 responses

  1. WiZeR

    Look good Clare. I’m going to be growing Nasturtiums up my wig-wam too.

    (12.05.06 @ 1:44 pm)

  2. Frankie

    Thanks for the tip – we bought some cheap nasturtium seeds from Aldi and I was wondering where to sow them.

    (12.05.06 @ 8:35 pm)

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