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20 July 2006

Fa cosi caldo!

A brief message as we take refuge from the 40° heat in Trento.

We are staying in the wonderful Agritur La Decima, where our hosts Elena and Giuseppe could not be more helpful or friendly. The plan with this holiday was to stay in the mountains because we thought it would be a bit cooler (Owen doesn’t do too well in the heat…) and it is cooler than some other parts of Italy we could be visiting right now. But, we have managed to coincide with an uncharacteristically hot summer here so the silly temperatures are catching everyone out. Still, the tanned, lean and stylish Italians seem to carry it off better than we do.

I wish I could show you how utterly gorgeous it is here – luscious vineyards, fruit-filled orchards, blue skies and majestic mountains. Unfortunately, although we have managed to find an internet cafe, we are unable to upload our photos here so you will have to wait until we find somewhere more accommodating or even until we get home.

Today we have cycled the 7km from Mattarello to Trento (not so hot first thing this morning!) and we have visited the Castello del Buonconsiglio and the underground Roman remains of Tridentum. Who’d have thought we could be so cultured? Of course, there has also been pizza, wine and ice cream.

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2 responses

  1. Dad

    Wow – and I thought it was hot here (33)! I hope you are not too exhausted with the heat. The Roman ruins sound interesting. Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    Much love.

    (21.07.06 @ 10:31 am)

  2. Your Favourite Burro

    *going green with envy* Have a great time you two – rest in the knowledge I’ve told all my slugs and snails you are away and bought them coach tickets to Brum 😀

    (21.07.06 @ 1:45 pm)

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