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25 July 2006

Ciao ragazzi!

Back again! Since I wrote last we have cycled ridiculously huge distances (around 25km yesterday in stupid heat); we’ve sweated gallons (most of it during our cycle trip yesterday!); we got a bit sunburnt (in spite of lashings of factor 25 sun cream); we’ve visited a 7,000 year old frozen corpse called Otzi; been taken by our host, Giuseppe, to a festa at an amazing castle at the top of a little mountain where there was bizarre stilt entertainment with burning swords and Death with a burning scythe; we’ve eaten obscene amounts of gelato; we’ve written and posted postcards to our friends and family (including two to ourselves!); we’ve read books, loads of books, novels – not a text book among them; we’ve even done two loads of laundry (necessary when you’ve been sweating as much as we have); we’ve celebrated 36 years of me being alive (my birthday was on Sunday); and generally had an utterly fabulous time.

We leave Mattarello on Thursday and fly home on Friday to bills, a no-doubt sulky cat and an overgrown allotment. Che peccato!

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3 responses

  1. Mildew

    Happy birthday for last Sunday! V. jealous you’ve been in Italy, it’s such a wonderful country and I’d love to go back there again. My sister used to live in Siena and I’d stay from time to time and it’s just the best place.

    (25.07.06 @ 4:08 pm)

  2. Your Favourite Burro

    Same birthday (date & number) as me kiddo 😀

    (26.07.06 @ 8:32 am)

  3. Jooles

    Bon Annivairsaire me chico! I think thats what they say – however if it happens to be something rather rude and vulgar I apologise now. Glad you had a splendid time and heres to planning the next?!

    (27.07.06 @ 9:55 am)

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