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17 August 2006

Mamma Soupy’s fudgelicious, choctasty, creamyummy delight

(or, as we say in this house, there’s always room for ice cream!)

Clare and ice cream

You may have noticed that chez soup we love ice cream. Any of you who read the posts from our recent holiday in Trento will have divined this from the numerous mentions of how much of the stuff we ate there. If you’ve seen our photos on Flickr you’ll perhaps have spotted the pictures of us with a mad look in our eyes about to stuff ourselves silly. Just be grateful we didn’t take a picture of every ice cream we ate – though we are now starting to build up something of a collection – here’s Owen enjoying ice cream in Lucca too!

When we lived in Nottingham (so long ago now!) I used to make ice cream regularly: real vanillas with swirls of fruit compote, rich dark chocolate with chocolate chips or maltesers thrown in, and a kicking toffee fudge from a recipe of my own devising. My method was pretty labour intensive (and messy – I am completely incapable of cooking anything without using every pot, pan and utensil in the house), but my ice cream was the smoothest and creamiest that you have ever allowed to melt on your tongue.

Since we moved to Birmingham I have not once made ice cream. The reasons for this are dull and slightly complicated, but let’s just say that in its present state our kitchen does not exactly inspire culinary playfulness – and making ice cream requires a certain amount of silliness as part of the creative process.

A few years ago my Dad gave me an ice cream maker that has been sitting in its box ever since. Until this week. Don’t ask me why, but I just decided to give it a whirl and we haven’t looked back since.

Oh boy.

Oh boy, oh boy.

It requires a totally different way of combining the ingredients than I’m used to, but it’s quick and it’s easy and the results are fantastic. Take a look at the triple choc chip (that’s chocolate ice cream with white and dark chocolate chips, topped with chocolate sauce) and the toffee fudge ripple (toffee ice cream with clotted cream fudge pieces and swirls of toffee sauce stirred into it) that we enjoyed this evening:

bowl of ice cream

Yes, you’re right, that is an enormous portion, but see what I mean? Oh boy!

Next week I’m going to experiment with Toblerone ice cream.

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4 responses

  1. jooles

    Ice cream. Scrumdiddlyumptious. A big big weakness and makes me want to get my ice cream maker out. Mine is one you leave in the freezer and then use as and when – would love a gelato maker. I like vanilla with baileys poured over the top. I also made some plain ice cream (without vanilla is what I mean) and added Limoncella (that we got from Sicily) and grated lemon zest – Wow is all I can say! I also made some lemon sorbet using the same for a dinner party we held. Everyone was suitable refreshed (and a little bit tipsy) and enjoyed the main course. However, they all asked for the sorbet as dessert! And a good time was had by all!

    (19.08.06 @ 1:27 pm)

  2. HeeBeeGeeBeee

    Bloody Hell! That picture should come with a warning! You look lovely (of course – you’re a fellow Cancerian after all) just ever so slightly loony.

    What I want to know is where is the speech bubble saying “Oi! Mister. Look at my double scoops!”

    (19.08.06 @ 6:18 pm)

  3. mrsnesbitt


    I have just acquired an ice-cream maker via freecycle!

    Nottingham has many memories for me too, taught there for 10 years, lived in West Bridgford! What about you?

    Off to the plot now!…will just have a look round!

    (21.08.06 @ 2:06 pm)

  4. Mildew

    Ice cream… mmmmmmmm….

    (30.08.06 @ 2:14 pm)

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