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20 October 2006

This much I know

glistening spider web

The damp and misty mornings that cause the many bad hair days I’m currently having, do offer their own compensations.

Filed under: Seasons - autumn,This much I know — Clare @ 8:56 am

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  1. Pumpkin Fan McBurro

    I made my colleague sick with envy yesterday – we arrived in at the same time and wet through due to the horrible rain. As we walked along the corridor, I stopped at one of the many mini-brew rooms, took two of the paper hand-towels off the pile and rubbed my hair dry in 10 seconds flat. She watched this with naked envy and a rapidly frizzing barnet 😀

    (20.10.06 @ 9:10 am)

  2. Soo

    There is definitely nothing more frustrating than spending precious time at home straightening everything to perfection, only to have the whole damn lot spring up like an explosion in a mattress factory the moment you set foot out of the door! And I’m due to go on holiday soon – the climate in our chosen country is so humid I can guarantee I will spend the entire two weeks looking as though I have had my finger stuck in a plug socket! Sigh…..

    HB doesn’t know how lucky he is with his low maintenance head…

    (20.10.06 @ 3:20 pm)

  3. Clare

    Burro – Yet another reason to hate you! But I’m curios – what is a mini-brew room?

    Soo – Your comment about the explosion in a mattress factory made me laugh, I can just see it.

    (22.10.06 @ 4:48 pm)

  4. Hairy McBurro

    A mini-brew room is one of the ex-broom cupboards around our big old building that now hold a sink and water boiler so people can brew up but not sit down in and avoid work.

    As for Soo’s comment about me having a low-maintenence head, I feel I should be offended… 😉

    (30.10.06 @ 3:51 pm)

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