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22 October 2006

Fraternal wit and wisdom

There’s not been much time spent down at the allotment recently. We were there briefly on Monday, but that was an administrative visit (filling in a form for the Association’s bank account) rather than to do any work. Plus the weather has been rainy to almost biblical proportions. I fear for my garlic. Even were the weather drier, life has been very busy leaving little time for the plot. The bathroom work is progressing, but does throw up problems from time to time. And then there’s the socialising. This weekend my Dad has been here to celebrate his 60th birthday. Even I am not so awful as to make him go down to the allotment in the pouring rain when I’m supposed to be making a fuss of him.

In another week or so my Mum and brother are coming to stay, so that will be another seven days of walks, shopping, meals out and drinking with friends. There is a chance that I can get bro to put in some serious digging time for us, so hopefully I’ll then be able to start ticking things off my to-do list. I will have to put up with his wisecracking, but it’s a small price to pay.

People reflected in a bus mirror.

And, of course, there’s the whole redesign thing. well, less of a redesign and more of a thoughtful tinkering that I think will just make the site a bit less cluttered and easier to use. Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for feedback I am very touched that so many of you were prepared to reply, and then to find you saying such lovely things… well, it’s been overwhelming, and just a little daunting too.

We’re not entirely certain when the new site will get its first public airing as that rather depends on how much paid work comes Owen’s way in the next couple of weeks, but we’re hoping for the end of October, start of November. I think we are both probably going to be a little nervous about unveiling it for you given that most people seemed to be saying that they like the site as it is. Perhaps some things can’t be improved, and tinkering with them just makes a mess.

Or, as my little brother might say (and for full effect you really need to say this in a broad Yorkshire accent), “You can’t polish a turd!”

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3 responses

  1. another nutter


    I love pumpkin soup…. also how did you embed the flicr to your blog? I can’t seem to work it out!!


    (25.10.06 @ 7:43 pm)

  2. Shrinking Violet Soup Girl

    Hi ‘another nutter’! – I can’t tell you how to do the Flickr thing – my technical side-kick is responsible for all that kind of thing. But I think he just used the Flickr badge html that they make available – it comes with instructions!

    (28.10.06 @ 2:04 pm)

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