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5 November 2006


So where’s this funky new design? Where’s the riveting, madcap content we all know and love? That Pumpkinsouper, she’s all promise and no delivery!

I know, I know – let me explain. Things have been pretty mad around here what with the GBBP (bathroom pretty much finished now, only the downstairs work to go – another two weeks and we’ll be through it), and increase in work demands for me (‘m supposed to be writing something like 2 journal articles, 1 book chapter and three research conference presentations – how did that happen?). Getting the new site ready for the start of November was also dependent upon Owen still having a lean patch in his freelance work, but that’s changed and he’s finding himself very busy. This is all good, but it leaves little time for soupiness.

Never fear. The new site is very nearly ready and we hope to have it up and running soon. Plus, I’m off work next week and I intend to do some serious work down the allotment (with my Mum, my brother and his girlfriend helping) so I might even have something to tell you about.

Can you stand the excitement? What a tease I am!

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21 responses

  1. Teased McBurro

    Indeed you are 😀

    p.s. Go Owen Go!

    (05.11.06 @ 8:41 pm)

  2. Clare


    Yeah – Owen rocks!

    (05.11.06 @ 10:11 pm)

  3. Teased McBurro

    Get some T-shirts made for Team Owen:

    “I Got My Full Fat Cream From Owen!”

    “Owen Tweaked My Domain!”

    “Let Owen Refurb Your Packets!”

    “Owen Looks Good In The Shower!”

    Opps. Was that last one out loud? I’ll get my coat…

    (05.11.06 @ 10:58 pm)

  4. Prim Pumpkin Gal

    I’ve got some thoughts of my own for t-shirt slogans but this is really not the kind of web site where we talk that way! Nor are we the kind of people who mention domain tweaking in public. Really.

    (06.11.06 @ 10:34 am)

  5. Bad Burro

    *hangs head in shame and mumbles an apology*

    (06.11.06 @ 11:34 am)

  6. Fickle Pumpkin Gal

    Nah, be proud of your lewdness!

    (06.11.06 @ 11:55 am)

  7. Bad and Proud Burro

    s’ok – I had my fingers crossed and was thinking about Owen in a wimple 😉

    (06.11.06 @ 12:06 pm)

  8. Grinning Pumpkin Gal

    Oh, I think he looks better in jodpurs.

    (06.11.06 @ 12:21 pm)

  9. Bad and Proud Burro

    More Michael Praed that Michael Bolton 😀

    (06.11.06 @ 2:34 pm)

  10. Grinning Pumpkin Gal

    But with better hair than both of them.

    (06.11.06 @ 3:03 pm)

  11. Bad and Proud Burro

    Better hair than Praed? His people will sue!


    That URL sounds ruder than it is – or is that just my warped mind?

    (06.11.06 @ 3:26 pm)

  12. Grinning Pumpkin Gal

    Certainly your mind is warped, but it’s a pretty warped URL too. That picture – I’m 15 and a mess of hormones all over again!

    (06.11.06 @ 3:30 pm)

  13. Soo

    I seem to remember Michael Praed losing his credibility by having in role in Dynasty. He played some young prince who was going to marry one of those over-made-up and impractically-glamorous floozies, but the wedding party was marred somewhat by a crazed gang with machine guns. I’m only telling you that I used to watch it because I know you won’t laugh at me.

    (06.11.06 @ 4:36 pm)

  14. Shameful secret Pumpkin

    Not laughing – blushing in shared shame. Still, he looked pretty gorgeous in his Prince outfit.

    (06.11.06 @ 4:42 pm)

  15. Pimp McBurro

    See – I know what the ladies want! 😀

    (06.11.06 @ 4:54 pm)

  16. Pimp McBurro


    (06.11.06 @ 4:55 pm)

  17. Pimp McBurro

    And when I was 15, I tried to avoid making a mess with my hormones 😮

    (06.11.06 @ 4:59 pm)

  18. Knowledgeable Pumpkin

    Bet you failed though, didn’t you?

    (06.11.06 @ 5:02 pm)

  19. Pimp McBurro

    Eeek! Your’re trying to set my therapy back, aren’t you?

    (06.11.06 @ 5:29 pm)

  20. jooles

    Shame on you all – do you not know that Colin Firth in tight – very tight jodpurs wins every time. And as for pimp mcburro. Well …….just well! (said with a swing of the hips and swinging of long curly hair (from ideal world I might add) and a sly grin which no-one can see on camera).

    (10.11.06 @ 2:25 pm)

  21. Pimp McBurro

    I saw that grin! And, may I add, that’s a mighty fine sashay you’ve got there, young lady (especially given you have bird flu!)

    (10.11.06 @ 3:56 pm)

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