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23 December 2006

Our gift to you (batteries not included).

Have a look under the tree – there’s something there with your name on. Go on, open it. Rip off the paper and see what it is then. We chose it specially for you…

presents under the tree

Finally it’s here – the much-vaunted new design. It’s taken a while longer to get off the ground than we had hoped (my fault – big ideas for new content but no time to write it!) but now it’s complete we’re happy with it and hope you’ll like it too.

Of course, it is in the nature of giving at this time of year that responses to even the most carefully selected gifts can be unpredictable. Will you whoop with joy, jump around the room and tell us it’s just what you always wanted? Smile and say it’s lovely while gritting your teeth? Or just ask if we’ve kept the receipt?

We hope that you will take some time to look around and explore the new look and new pages. And we very much hope that you’ll share your thoughts with us about the redesign. Don’t worry – we’re not excessively sensitive so you can be honest.

Season’s soupy greetings to you all.

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9 responses

  1. Full Cream Milkman

    Hey! We did it! About time. Let’s hope your loyal readers like it. Of course they will, right? Right?

    (23.12.06 @ 2:32 pm)

  2. Clare

    What’s not to like? Same old soup, funky new can!

    (23.12.06 @ 2:34 pm)

  3. Mel

    Congratulations. I liked the old look, but this is even better. The new content is great, too. Thanks for linking to my Mock Pumpkin Soup recipe. You might want to include this fabulous recipe for Coconut Chilli and Pumpkin Soup I tried recently (the rest of the blog is geat, too) http://duckdinnerdash.blogspot.....-soup.html

    Happy Christmas and a happy New Year to you all. Hope you get back in your blogging groove in 2007. You’re worth the wait.

    (23.12.06 @ 11:35 pm)

  4. Seasonal Pumpkin

    Hi Mel – Thanks for your lovely comments. I’ve added the link to the recipe you suggest (always good to get a recommendation!).

    (24.12.06 @ 12:09 pm)

  5. Gnome

    Definitle worth waiting for. Impressive. Welcome back !

    (24.12.06 @ 4:51 pm)

  6. Seasonal Pumpkin

    Hi Gnome. I’m glad you like it. Thanks for your email a little while back – the cold didn’t finish me off this time around!

    (25.12.06 @ 11:25 pm)

  7. Awed Mc Burro

    Love it! Well done you two – and it’s great to have you back :)

    (01.01.07 @ 9:21 pm)

  8. Clare

    Mr McB – I know, finally back in business. Glad you like the new look. I like it more every time I see it.

    (02.01.07 @ 12:05 pm)

  9. rihanna

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    (18.11.07 @ 8:50 am)

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