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29 December 2006


There are some important events in life when you really want to look your very best.

School reunions are just such a time – you just know you’re going to see the girl who was your arch rival in class and who ended up going out with the cute boy who sat next to you in maths, but only because she got her first bra a full two years before you did (it’s tough being a late developer) and he was a hormonal teenager who couldn’t see beyond the ‘allure’ of her blouse. An interview for the job of your dreams is another time when you would want to look sizzlingly hot. Going for a full family portrait, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, meeting your partner’s ex for the first time, ‘casually’ bumping into your own ex a month or so after he dumped you (swine) – all times when you’ll be glad you paid attention to your appearance.

It is my experience when a big day dawns, that in spite of lots of preparation, not a little pampering and oodles of positive thinking in front of the mirror (“You’re a tiger. Grrrr!”) you can be sure of just one thing. Sure, my clothes will fit like a glove and my hair will have turned out as glossy and smooth as something from an ad (“Because I’m worth it!”), but will I feel unstoppable and gorgeous? Probably not. Because the big spot on the end of my nose (or my forehead or chin) that has appeared as if summoned by some dark force will ruin the entire look.

Still, with age, comes wisdom. I have learned over time that if I don’t point out the monstrous seeping carbuncles on my otherwise pretty visage that other people somehow don’t seem to notice them and have actually even been known to compliment me on how lovely I appear. Of course, everyone does see the zit – how could they not when it’s right in front of their eyes? But unless I bring it to their attention (“Please! Don’t look at my awful spot!”), no-one seems to notice.
I have learned my lesson.

So, I’m sure you have seen a few glitches on the newly launched redesign of P’Soup, even if you haven’t consciously noticed them, but I’m not going to point them out to you.

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5 responses

  1. jooles

    Spot – wot spot? You look terrific. Oh and the website – outstanding. Happy new year you tiger you!!!! x

    (30.12.06 @ 5:22 pm)

  2. Seasonal Pumpkin

    Aw shucks – blushing now. I really do need to learn how to take a compliment!

    (30.12.06 @ 5:27 pm)

  3. Stonehead

    It’s quite simple, really. Nice people always look gorgeous; nasty people always look ugly.

    You might have a spot, but if all people see is someone gorgeous, then they’re seeing the nice person.

    (31.12.06 @ 6:33 pm)

  4. Spotty Mc Burro

    I’ve seen no glitches and no spots – largely because your short skirts have distracted me… :)

    (01.01.07 @ 9:22 pm)

  5. Clare

    Stonehead – Welcome! I’m not entirely sure I can agree with you, but I’ll take the compliment in it – of course I’m a nice person!

    Burro – Why else would I wear them?

    (02.01.07 @ 12:01 pm)

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