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22 February 2007

Now we are two

Being rather preoccupied (with chocolate, it seems) I completely forgot to mark the occasion of P’Soup’s second birthday a little over a week ago. Pumpkin Soup has reached the terrible twos!

Sulky Clare in pushchair

So watch out for the tantrums and strops. And I bet you can’t wait for the potty training either, can you?

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8 responses

  1. The Laughing Assistant

    You look so annoyed in that picture. Grumpy Clare! No change there, then 😉 Love the balloon. And happy birthday Pumpkin Soup!

    (22.02.07 @ 10:21 am)

  2. Clare

    This is what happens when I don’t get my chocolate!

    (22.02.07 @ 10:22 am)

  3. Susan

    Stopping by is always a nice surprise. Happy Birthday :-)

    (24.02.07 @ 2:42 am)

  4. mtp

    Ha ha! – why do we do that to children?- put them in ridiculous outfits I mean. I have hundreds of photos of me from my childhood in various revolting costumes – most of them knitted. I don’t ever remember being zipped into a buggy though :)

    (24.02.07 @ 10:18 am)

  5. Clare

    Susan – Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

    mtp – The zipping up is particularly intriguing as I’m pretty sure that would only happen if it was raining (I think there was a hood as well), but in the picture the ground is not wet at all. Maybe I had been very naughty and this was punishment – no wonder I look so fed up!

    (25.02.07 @ 8:16 pm)

  6. Mildew

    Happy birthday!

    (26.02.07 @ 1:08 pm)

  7. Julia

    Cute pic


    (28.02.07 @ 4:55 pm)

  8. Clare

    Mildew – ta!

    Julia – Cute and grumpy. Story of my life!

    (01.03.07 @ 5:16 pm)

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