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15 March 2007

A taste of things to come

I’m so busy right now that all the fun things in my life (like keeping this blog updated) are ending up being somewhat neglected. Aside from making me a bit grumpy (all work and no play…) it also means that I keep having ideas for things to write for you that have yet to see the light of day. Or the light of cyberspace. Or something.

Here, just to whet your appetite in a gratuitously tantalising way, are the ideas waiting in my drafts which may, or may not be coming soon to a P’Soup page near you…

  • Bag o’ tricks – a no-doubt hilarious look inside my allotment bag
  • iPlot the sequel – more music selections to keep you movin’ and diggin’ in a suitably rhythmic fashion
  • Book reviews – what I think of some recent instructive purchases
  • This much I know – not done one of these in a while and it’s not because I no longer know anything, capisce?
  • Plotting update – plans for what veg will be going where and when, to prove how very organised I can be when I apply myself (with the proviso that I won’t be held to this plan because, well, I don’t tend to work quite that way)
  • Allotment anxiety – what happens to an allotmenteer’s already fragile confidence when she discovers that all the other plots at the site have now been taken. By super-efficient time-rich horticultural geniuses, no doubt.

So, plenty of ideas, cack all time to bring them to fruition. You have no idea how much of a theme that is becoming in my life at the moment.

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