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20 April 2007

Investing for the future

Yesterday the weather was so glorious that even though I was totally snowed under with work, I allowed myself to have a very leisurely lunch break (more than two hours!) so I could sit outside and get on with more sowing. I’ve obviously been inspired by my insomniac night activities. I now have pots of […]

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19 April 2007

This much I know

As I work my way through an endless inbox of email, I realise that I could learn some important lessons about relaxation from our cat.

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18 April 2007

Wondering whether I will still be gardening 68 years from now…

Feeling a bit creaky and sore after too much digging and weeding? Wondering if you have the energy to fork over another border? Me too. Quite often I feel unfit, weak and past it when it comes to facing tasks we have down the allotment or in the garden. While I know that this is […]

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17 April 2007

Nessun dorma

(or is it just me?) Last night (aka this morning), after hours of uncomfortably turning and wriggling in bed trying to get to sleep and struggling to ignore the miriad gurgles, wheezes, snorts and whistles of the snore maestro next to me, I threw in the towel and headed downstairs. My head was full of […]

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16 April 2007

Back down to earth

It seems as though we’ve been away for ages, doesn’t it? Well, we have been away, but not all of that time has been spent enjoying the black stuff and the craic. We had a lovely, relaxing time in Ireland, walking (strolling) on beaches in warm sunshine and tiring ourselves out with all the fresh […]

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6 April 2007

A warm Irish welcome

Our allotment lies neglected once more while we enjoy the sunshine here in County Waterford with my Mum. I have to say, I don’t feel remotely guilty. I’m desperately in need of some relaxation so coastal walks in lovely weather with occasional stops for nice food and a glass of Guinness is just exactly what […]

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3 April 2007

Birmingham allotment holders take action

It can be no coincidence that as soon as I decide to step down from political office, a local allotment association gets all radical – in a really good way. This story, about Billesley Lane Allotments (just around the corner from us lot over at Warstock Lane) details how they have put in a planning […]

Filed under: Plot politics — Clare @ 10:37 am

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