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22 May 2007

Heard on the radio last night.

A description of Daphne Du Maurier’s The Birds as follows: “It paints a terrifying picture of the natural world turning on mankind.”

Works as a description of Pumpkin Soup too.

Filed under: Fallow — Clare @ 6:00 pm

6 responses

  1. Joanna

    Don’t beat yourself up … you’ve made a good decision, you’re into damage limitation at the allotment, all is well … including the weeds!


    (22.05.07 @ 6:40 pm)

  2. Clare

    Joanna – a wise and measured comment. Thanks for helping me keep my anxiety in check!

    (22.05.07 @ 9:02 pm)

  3. Hmmm McBurro

    I nevre knew The Birds was written by Daphne Du Maurier – you learn sommat every day :)

    And Joanna is right, good life balance choice you’ve made – no use having the best lottie in the UK if it makes you miserable :)

    (23.05.07 @ 8:12 am)

  4. Clare

    Burro – I’m nowt if not edumacational.

    (23.05.07 @ 7:23 pm)

  5. al

    If there’s not enough to feel guilty about already, there’s always the garden eh?! I think you’ll be dead happy when you start doing up your garden!

    (24.05.07 @ 12:27 pm)

  6. Clare

    Al – you’re right. The big cleanup starts on Saturday!

    (24.05.07 @ 9:12 pm)

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