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15 June 2007

I totally rock!

That deadline that has been keeping me busy and awake at nights? I managed to get the chapter finished and submitted yesterday. And it was pretty bloody good, even if I do say so myself. Not as much fun as growing something from seed, but satisfying, nonetheless.

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12 June 2007

A bungling zealot’s guide to sustainable living. Part 1: “Reduce”

Reduce, re-use, recycle. You’ve heard this before, I’m sure. It’s a principle, childlike in its simplicity, that many of us can be heard mumbling as we make decisions about our grocery shopping, our laundry or what to do with the junk we have just cleared out of our spare rooms. So far, so green – […]

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10 June 2007

Thriving on neglect

I have a number of strawberry plants in the garden, planted out last year as a temporary measure before being transplanted to the allotment at some point. There seems little point in shifting them to the plot now so they are still in their temporary home. The work on the garden continues around them. Yesterday […]

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9 June 2007

This much I know

Flowers don’t have to be colourful to be beautiful.

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4 June 2007

My arse…

…is aching something terrible today after all that digging. Still, gardening aches and pains are one thing, seedling-related fire risk is quite another – pop over and give Luke your good wishes, he needs them more than I do. Even though I can’t sit down without getting searing pains in my butt cheeks.

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3 June 2007

Earning our beer and sausages

Today it has been scorching hot. Like yesterday, it was far too hot to be working in the garden. Unlike yesterday, we did work in the garden. All day. We have a redesign to get on with and it won’t get done if we just sit around enjoying ourselves. Oh no. I took some ‘before’ […]

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2 June 2007

Kismet, flying carpets and time travel

Today would have been far too hot for gardening, had we planned to do any. Instead, we took a trip to Stratford. We have lived in Birmingham for the best part of six years and never taken the 30-minute trip. We’ve so far not done Warwick or Leamington or various lovely bits of local countryside […]

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1 June 2007

Gentle pootling

After my relaxing day yesterday, the plan today was for me to be an unstoppable force in front of the keyboard. I have a work deadline in two weeks and still have 3000 words left to write, so it’s about time I discovered the prolific writer within. It was not to be. I read, I […]

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