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4 June 2007

My arse…

…is aching something terrible today after all that digging.

Still, gardening aches and pains are one thing, seedling-related fire risk is quite another – pop over and give Luke your good wishes, he needs them more than I do.

Even though I can’t sit down without getting searing pains in my butt cheeks.

Filed under: Fallow — Clare @ 4:46 pm

6 responses

  1. Luke

    Cheers for the sympathy. Good luck recovering from your aches and pains!

    (05.06.07 @ 12:18 pm)

  2. Clare

    Thanks Luke. Bum feeling much better today. I’m sure you really wanted to know that.

    (05.06.07 @ 5:20 pm)

  3. Clive

    I think if you are getting a pain in the bum you must be doing the digging wrong! I usually get pains in my arms, legs and back but not in the rear. Anyway -hope you are OK now.

    (06.06.07 @ 8:05 am)

  4. Strained McBurro

    How’s the old… *ahem* gluteus maximus doing mate?

    (07.06.07 @ 10:49 am)

  5. Andrew Jennings


    I’ve been looking at your blog and find the work you are doing really interesting. It’s so refreshing to find someone so impassioned about the great outdoors and returning to the earth.

    We were wondering if you would like to see an exclusive screening of a new British film called Grow Your Own. It features people who love their allotments and who have an equal amount of love for gardening. You’ll even get a free gift when you come to the exclusive private screening – you’ll be one of the first to see it. The preview is due to be screened on Monday 11th June at 6.00pm for the showing to commence at 6.30pm. It’s not due for general release until Release date: 15th June 2007.

    Please feel free to take a look at the website-http://www.growyourownthemovie.co.uk/ there is also a trailer you could take a look at – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Iz6NH7tnXk

    If you are at all interested please give me an email and I will confirm the details with you.

    (08.06.07 @ 12:55 pm)

  6. Clare

    Many thanks to all who enquired about the state of my bum. I’m much better now, thank you. But yes, I probably should revise my digging technique. It’s all in the bend, you know.

    (09.06.07 @ 8:12 pm)

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