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25 August 2007

Mouse glut – the rodent drama continues

Work on the potager project began in earnest today. As part of this, I had to dismantle one of my compost bins so it could be moved. The top was filled with only partially decomposed matter and was a bit twiggy, so I shovelled it all out into the wheelbarrow to go into the other […]

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24 August 2007

Don’t put your strawberries on the stage, Mrs Worthington!

Or rather, do. Some time ago in the back of a magazine I saw an advert for a ‘strawberry table-top‘. I thought it was an interesting idea, particularly as at the time I was having to fight the slugs for my own strawberries and those I did save were pretty much all splashed with mud. […]

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23 August 2007


The 1.5 tonnes of slate chips that will mulch the paths in the soon-to-be-started potager have arrived. There are cheaper ways of creating paths that keep the weeds back, look good, are low-maintenance and long-lasting. I hunted around and found what I believe is the best price for the amount of slate we need, from […]

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22 August 2007

Where do I begin to tell the story of…

…the shed that won’t be bought? The lovely shed we thought we were getting at a bargain price? No longer available. The next best shed has now been re-ordered from the company that no doubt thinks I am some bizarre, crazy, indecisive shed-buying woman. They’re not far wrong.

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22 August 2007

Glutton for punishment

My Dad is at a loose end this weekend and asked if we needed some help with the garden. I bet you can’t imagine what I said to that, can you?

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21 August 2007


Our little cat is lovable for many reasons, but one of the best is that she is a crap hunter. We don’t have to face decapitated sparrows in the kitchen or dazed rodents in the living room. She likes a quiet life and catching things is just far too much like hard work. Last night […]

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20 August 2007

Just the one hitch

You know you’ve been to a really great party when you wake up the following day with a pulled thigh muscle, a jarred arm, a twisted ankle and a grazed knee. If ever anyone tells you that a Ceilidh is safe, do not believe them. I have the brusies and I know. It was a […]

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18 August 2007

Who was that masked musician?

Today is Daniel and Melanie’s big day. They are getting married in this church, before hot-footing it here where our wonderful quartet will serenade them and their guests at a champagne reception for two whole hours. As the theme of the wedding is ‘Masquerade Ball’ we will be wearing masks while we play. This is […]

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17 August 2007

The biscuit madness continues

Since last week’s biscuits were such a delicious success, I have today once more ventured forth into the kitchen with intent to create cookies. I managed to show a little restraint and only made one variety insted of three, but boy, is it a good one: Scrummy Chocolate Shortbread Swirls from the Green and Black’s […]

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16 August 2007

Two sheds

Being cursed with a small garden makes finding a shed that will fit a rather difficult task. Some months ago I found something perfect – looks good, big enough to store all our garden stuff, small enough not to fill the entire space, not too expensive. I kept a note of the URL and thought […]

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14 August 2007

National Allotments Week

This is National Allotments Week. How do I know this? An article in the national press? No. Parades, floats and public announcements up and down the country? Nah. A streaker running around Birmingham waving a banner, perhaps? No, siree. Steve Wright mentioned it yesterday , but other than that I have come across no coverage […]

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13 August 2007

This much I know

Being able to play musically together involves so much more than just rehearsal.

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10 August 2007


Having lots of friends round for multiple weekends of rehearsing seems to bring out my motherly side and I get a strong urge to make huge quantities of food. Last weekend I made some gorgeous pepper and tomato soup as well as vats of ice cream (not to eat together, you understand) and yet another […]

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10 August 2007

Continuing apace

I’ve done some more preparation for the big potager project weekend. Things did not go quite a smoothly as we had hoped. Sometime ago when we started to think about doing this, we found a lovely double-door wooden storage shed that was small enough to fit where we want it to go and cheap enough […]

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9 August 2007

Come hell or high water

It’s been quiet chez Pumpkin, hasn’t it? No allotmenting, no P’Souping, no regaling you with cheery stories about how good it is to see the sun shining finally. We’ve been filling our time with rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals as the first wedding we are playing at is now less than a fortnight away. Still, […]

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