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14 September 2007

Infinite monkey theorem

If it seems as though I have been writing a lot lately, well, that’s because I’ve been writing a lot lately. What I mean is, I’ve been writing a lot for work and once I get going it’s difficult to shut me up and I end up being all inspired to write blog posts as well.

This would be better if it worked the other way around. I’m supposed to write research papers as part of my job and there’s going to be a whole load of writing to do for my PhD. Some of the impetus behind having a blog was simply for me to keep putting fingers to keyboard and get words out, any words. Because once I start, even if it’s about vegetables and such, it’s easier to continue with the work-related stuff. Or at least, that’s the theory. Turns out the work-y type writing is resulting in more blog-y type writing.

I’m sure Shakespeare had the same problem.

Filed under: Mulch,Writing — Clare @ 12:48 pm

2 responses

  1. Christina

    This is a feeling I know well. I want to write about garden and kitchen work instead of do work work. Alas.

    I am glad you are writing about your garden developments–I enjoy reading about them!

    (19.09.07 @ 5:07 am)

  2. Clare

    Hi Christina – I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. I suspect the blog posts might get a bit fewer and further between pretty soon once term starts and my work really hots up so enjoy it while you can!

    (19.09.07 @ 8:37 am)

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