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2 October 2007

Red ribbon day

In order to ‘celebrate’ (ahem) the madness that is the first day of term at work, I thought I would post this picture of me, taken on what I have been told is my first day at school. It seems crazy to me that there would have been photographs on the first day. Just imagine all the children who had red-ringed eyes because of how upset they were at being sent into a hostile new environment, into throngs of boistrous kinds, far from the safety of their parents’ arms. No, I suspect that this is my first school photo, but that it was taken a bit later in the year than the very first day.

Clare in red ribbons

Anyway, I know the collar is utterly ridiculous, and that’s more of a grimace than a smile (some things don’t change), but I can’t tell you how pleased I was to have ribbons round my pigtails. I didn’t often get to wear ribbons. My hair was rather unruly (another thing that hasn’t changed – I try to make a virtue of it these days and prefer to describe it as ‘tousled’) and my mum would despair trying to smooth and untangle it. I certainly could never be trusted with ribbons, except on special occasions, as I would almost always lose them.

Today’s first day of term was not nearly as traumatic as a very first day at school can be. But I had no ribbons in my hair either which is certainly a disappointment.

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2 responses

  1. Soilman

    Well, I think look charming. If a tad uncomfortable. Had they sat you upon a cactus?

    (03.10.07 @ 11:52 am)

  2. Clare

    Not a cactus, just one of those nasty plastic school chairs that grazes the back of your legs.

    (03.10.07 @ 7:25 pm)

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