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21 April 2008

With blinking eyes and blistered fingertips

I’ve been “task mesmerised” for the past few weeks, working on a huge piece of written work for a big deadline. There’s been some time for gardening, but no space in my head for thinking about blogging. When not working I’ve really not fancied sitting in front of the computer a moment longer. I’ve been tempted to call a complete halt to P’Soup, to be honest, but I think I’d miss it.

So, apologies. I’m hoping that the ideas will come along with the germination of my beans and that I’ll begin more regular updating soon. Let’s see what happens.

Filed under: Fallow — Clare @ 12:20 pm

4 responses

  1. Soilman

    You can’t cop out of the important business of blogging at the first sign of some work in the real world. It’s FAR too important for that! Don’t stop!

    (21.04.08 @ 2:13 pm)

  2. Frankie

    We can wait – but do come back!

    (21.04.08 @ 8:58 pm)

  3. martian77

    As and when will be fine – don’t drop out altogether! I understand totally about the work obstructing the blogging, and I’m sure most will.

    (22.04.08 @ 9:41 am)

  4. Clare

    Aw guys, thanks. But look what happens when I get off my arse and actually write a post … I write another! I have ‘bus timetable’ writing psychology!

    (22.04.08 @ 5:40 pm)

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