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25 April 2008

This much I know

black and yellow flowers

I love spring.

Filed under: This much I know — Clare @ 4:03 pm

8 responses

  1. Cat

    Are they auriculas…is that right? saw them, on gardeners world last week with the lady who breeds them. wowzer, that takes some doing – cleaning them with a cotton wool bud…? no way hozay!

    Nice pic!

    (25.04.08 @ 5:00 pm)

  2. Joanna

    Auriculas? Or that lovely gold-laced primula? Either way, lovely, no wonder we all love spring :)


    (25.04.08 @ 5:31 pm)

  3. Nancy Bond

    Unique…gorgeous colors!

    (25.04.08 @ 8:23 pm)

  4. Mrs Be

    Wonderful! Isn’t it lovely, to feel that spring is finally here…..

    (26.04.08 @ 10:37 pm)

  5. dee/reddirtramblings

    Oh, yes, me too. What is that wonderful photo of?~~Dee

    (27.04.08 @ 4:09 am)

  6. Soilman

    Auriculas are dangerous for me. I COULD get very, very obsessed by them. I have had to ban myself from owning a single one, because I just know that in 12 months I would have 80 pots jostling for space. That’s what happens to auricula people. They lose it completely.

    (27.04.08 @ 11:09 am)

  7. Cat

    Joanna – i am WRONG – think you are right! Was getting a bit carried away that I may actually know a picture of a random plant.

    A ‘D’ for me and a ‘could do better’ in gardening. x

    (28.04.08 @ 4:57 pm)

  8. Clare

    Cat – blame the photographer! ; )

    (28.04.08 @ 5:21 pm)

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