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2 May 2008

This much I know

Narcissus again

The prospect of fine weather and a weekend in the garden makes me feel like it might actually be spring.

Filed under: Seasons - spring,This much I know — Clare @ 3:27 pm

4 responses

  1. James | Double Danger

    Your site is very cool, glad we found it. Nothing like a weekend of work in the garden to help Spring finally get underway.

    (02.05.08 @ 4:50 pm)

  2. Zoë

    Lovely photo, Hawera? I hope the weather this weekend is good too, although it looks like a typical hotpotch for the Bank Holiday.


    (02.05.08 @ 8:44 pm)

  3. Mrs Be

    Here’s hoping Pumpkinsoup! (Never know whether to comment on here or leave you messages on Botanical ~ sigh ~ it doesn’t take much to confuse me!)

    (03.05.08 @ 9:34 am)

  4. Clare

    Hi James – Welcome to P’Soup. Thanks for the lovely comment. Think I might just have overdone it today – not sure if I’ll havethe energy to continue working tomorrow!

    Hi Zoe – Welcome! It looks likeit could be a Hawera Narcissus but I don’t know for sure (I can be a bit slapdash with my labelling – ahem!).

    Mrs Be – Fingers crossed, but pretty good so far. I’m happy for you to leave messages here, there, wherever works for you. It’s just nice to hear from people!

    (03.05.08 @ 6:49 pm)

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