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3 July 2008

Prepare to drool

If there’s one crop that just screams summer, it must be the glorious strawberry, and this year we’ve been blessed with a bumper crop.

Ripening strawberries

We’re an odd household in that I don’t like to eat them with cream (so wrong, if you ask me) and my gardening assitant doesn’t eat them at all. I tend to like them fresh on top of my bran flakes in the morning or dunked in balsamic vinegar and sugar then grilled for a wonderful barbecue dessert. We do both agree that the very best use for strawberries is in ice cream.

Weighing strawberries

So, in a spirit of sharing, here’s what I do to transform them from humble red berries into manna from heaven. This is not exactly a recipe, more of a rough guide, if you will, on account of how I rather made it up. Ahem. You see, we have an ice cream maker and wonderful though it is, the recipes that come with it are utterly disappointing – bland, super-sweet and with not nearly enough interesting ingredients. The strawberry ice cream recipe that comes with our maker involves something like 5 strawberries sniffing in the direction of the cream and the result is a faintly pink, flavourless let-down.

So, the secret to a super-creamy, ultra-fruity alternative (if you also have an ice cream maker – apologies to those of you who do not) is as follows…

  • Beat an egg with no more than half the usual amount of sugar suggested in the recipe
  • Take a generous quantity of very ripe strawberries (I think I used the best part of 250g), add a splash of milk and then blend to a thick, creamy consistency. If need be, add a little more milk, but do not add the usual half pint amount as the liquidised strawberries are making up that part.
  • Add the strawberry mixture to the beaten egg and sugar – mix
  • Add a carton of double cream to the strawberry, egg and sugar – mix
  • Pour entire mixture into ice cream maker and churn. Ours takes about 20 mins to transform the liquid into gorgeous goo.

The result is a much more intense strawberry hit than the bland pamphlet recipe gives you, something that really lets the fresh flavours sing out.

ice cream

A drizzle of hot chocolate hazlenut sauce ensures heaven on a spoon.

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7 responses

  1. Jared

    Wow! I AM drooling. Thanks for the great idea!

    (03.07.08 @ 6:21 pm)

  2. Daphne Gould

    I don’t eat it with cream either, though my daughter does. I often just eat them straight. But we make ice cream and sherbet too. Our recipe is simple. 1qt strawberries. 3/4 – 1 c sugar, however much cream you like (though for mine I use soy milk and not too much, more of a soy sherbet, my daughter uses lots of cream), blend in the blender until smooth, freeze. I like them pureed the best. I don’t like little nuggets of frozen strawberry since they are hard to chew.

    (03.07.08 @ 8:35 pm)

  3. theManicGardener

    Now I’m going to have to go buy an ice-cream maker. Though I did notice that Daphne doesn’t bother with one, which I think quite clever of her.

    (03.07.08 @ 8:57 pm)

  4. Clare

    Hi all – thanks for the comments. We’ve been enjoying this for a couple of days now (had it with chocolate muffins last night – VERY good). Kate – I also used ot make icea cream loads without a maker. I’ll see if I can root out some of my old recipes and perhaps post a couple here. the ice cream maker definitely makes the entire process much quicker, but it’s not like it was difficult without one.

    (04.07.08 @ 9:16 am)

  5. Jared

    Just to follow up: I bought cream from our local dairy and strawberries from a farmstand nearby. Made the ice cream tonight using your recipe combined with the Cuisinart no-cook ice cream recipe. Wow. It is GOOD. Thanks!

    (06.07.08 @ 3:17 am)

  6. HappyMouffetard

    I wish I’d read your post yesterday. We picked a kilo of strawberries yesterday. Had some with cream for pudding (and some more for tonight) but then made the rest into strawberry syrup and froze it, in anticipation of making Delia’s strawberry cheesecake ice cream at some point in the future.


    It’s a bit of a faff, as you have to sieve the sauce. Yours looks much easier!

    (06.07.08 @ 1:24 pm)

  7. Clare

    Jared – Delighted that you like the ice cream I’ve made some more today and crammed even more strawberries into it. Super-fruity.

    HappyMouffetard – ooh, that recipe does sound fantastic. Certainly a bit of a faff, but then it also sounds like it would be worth it. Mmmmn. Next time I think!

    (06.07.08 @ 4:13 pm)

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