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23 July 2008

So glad that nobody makes me wear hats like this any more!

Today is my birthday. I’m hoping that someone will buy me some trousers like these…

me and mum and granny

This picture of me, my mum and my maternal grandmother gives some kind of idea not only of how I looked then, but presumably also how I will look in years to come. There are worse way to age, I suppose.

My plans for the day are to relax, have some nice food and go out with friends this evening. I’m going to have this much fun…


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7 responses

  1. Dee

    Happy birthday :)

    (23.07.08 @ 10:37 am)

  2. mary

    Happy Birthday, Clare. Strawberries looked lovely but I am disappointed not to see any raspberries. Maybe they are being saved as a surprise. Re the photos when your were younger, do you remember where they were taken. I am struggling with one of them but the photo with the 3 generations (dont we look well) was taken at Dun Laorighe.

    Have a great day!!

    (23.07.08 @ 10:52 am)

  3. Clare

    Hi Dee – Thank you! (Feel like I should have started this ‘Hi Dee hi!’ but suspect you’ve heard that one before).

    Hi Mum! – Glad you dropped by. No raspberry photos yet. I have had a small crop, but they are autumn fuiting so there should be more to come later on in the year. The other photo was apparently taken in South Shields – but I can’t be more specific than that. Surely you don’t expect me to remember?

    (23.07.08 @ 11:31 am)

  4. Mildew

    Happy birthday! Eat lots of homemade ice cream now

    (23.07.08 @ 4:07 pm)

  5. easygardener

    Hats with bobbles – that brings back memories. Have a great birthday!

    (23.07.08 @ 7:43 pm)

  6. titania

    Happy Birthday! You looked adorable (with the hat)!

    (23.07.08 @ 10:11 pm)

  7. Sinta

    Belated happy birthday! Lovely photos and cute hat =^_^=

    (30.07.08 @ 7:35 am)

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