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31 August 2008

Oh how well we will dine tonight!

Having been away for a few short days when the sun was shining and returned to rain, I was unsure what I would find in the garden. Rampant slugs, most likely. But, joy of joys, I was able to cut three courgettes. For us this year, this counts as a glut, a veritable glut I […]

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30 August 2008

Gifts galore!

Moving on from Weymouth, we’re off to see my Dad in Basingstoke – we’re such big fans of roundabouts!. As we were going to be away from home for a couple of days before seeing him, it was not possible to take him any really fresh stuff from the garden so I put together this […]

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29 August 2008

Time away.

We are currently enjoying a much-deserved long-ish weekend away, staying with Owen’s parents in Weymouth. Sea air in abundance. Sunshine might be a bit much to hope for. As with our trip last weekend, I have put together a little box of goodies for them. The eagle-eyed among you will be able to spot tomatoes […]

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28 August 2008

This much I know

Purple is by far the best colour in the garden.

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27 August 2008

Feeling foolish

Having posted about my forays into tomato ripening using bananas and received some very useful comments, I have now moved tomatoes and bananas into bowls in the kitchen to see whether that makes any difference (the plants were showing distinct signs of blight and so needed getting rid of too). My cheeks are still redder […]

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26 August 2008

On un-neighbourly thoughts

I’m supposed to be on holiday right now, or off work at least.  But tightening our belts means that we have not planned to go away and this, combined with me falling behind at work thanks to being a bit poorly sick a little while ago, means that I have today been stuck at home […]

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25 August 2008

Good advice?

Despairing of my green tomatoes, I looked to Saint Flowerdew for guidance who told me that, “The first green fruits can be helped to redden by an over-ripe banana placed nearby.” My patio now has a number of slowly rotting bananas sitting among the tomato plants. And resolutely green tomatoes.

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24 August 2008

Sharing the bounty

For the holiday weekend we are visiting friends in Nottingham. We’ve not seen them since they got married last year and I wanted to give them something nice to thank them for putting us up in their lovely home. I put together this small box of mixed produce from the garden. I’m impressed with how […]

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23 August 2008

Storing garlic

It’s a total faff. First, you have to dry the garlic with all its leaves attached taking up laods of room and – in a summer like this one – stinking out the utility room because it’s so bloody wet outside. Then there’s the actual wrestling the bulbs and stems in a french braid technique, […]

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22 August 2008

Premium courgettes

In spite of being somewhat reticent about producing a crop (my fault, not theirs), these Costa Romanesque courgettes have really been worth the heartache. The fruit are very attractive, ridged and mottled with light green splodges. They have a wonderful crisp texture and stay firm in the fridge for a few days. They are delicious […]

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21 August 2008

This much I know

Photography makes this summer look much better than it feels.

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20 August 2008

The verdict

Some time ago I posted about my attempts to make pickled garlic. At the time I was unable to say whether the recipe I used was up to scratch because the jars of said garlic had to cure for at least three weeks before being eaten. That was some time ago now and I can […]

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19 August 2008

Courgettes – what am I doing wrong?

Ok, so by this time of year anyone with a courgette plant or two is overrun with the blighters. Not me. No, no no. We’ve had a few very tasty individual fruit from our Costa Romanesque and Rondo di Nizza plants but we are nowhere near a glut. How come? The soil is nicely manured […]

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18 August 2008

Purple reign

Anyone who knows me even slightly can tell you that I adore purple. I love it. Shoes, clothes, trinkets, bathroom – if it’s purple I’ll have it. It’s such a rich, vibrant colour and the associations with chocolate don’t hurt either. Stuck for an idea of what to get me for a gift? Pretty much […]

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17 August 2008

Plot bountiful

Last year when we decided to convert the garden into potager I was confident, for the most part, that it was a good idea. But I would be lying if I said that I was completely sure that we would really make it work. Owen was concerned that I would do my usual trick of […]

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16 August 2008

Strawberry runners

My strawberry plants have served me well this year. I had intended to grow them in bags on makeshift staging, but in the end we just sat them on the wall where they positively thrived. Although the crop is now well and truly over (just shy of 3kg in total which is not bad from […]

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15 August 2008

Flushing tomatoes

I’m not much of a tomato grower. (Let’s face it, other than beans and potatoes I’m not much of an anything grower!) I have no greenhouse so I have to rely on hardy varieties that stand a chance of being successful on a sunny-ish, sheltered patio. So far my toms have done pretty well this […]

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14 August 2008


If ever there was a web site to spur you on to greater things in the vegetable garden, this is it. The Dervaes Family are on a mission to live as sustainably as possible – and we can learn a lot from them. Their plot of land is one fifth of an acre from which […]

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13 August 2008

Rainy day activity

For the past few days it has rained. It has rained so much that it constantly sounds like the final verse of the 12 Days of Christmas on our roof. And then it has rained some more. All of which means that it has not been ‘get out in the garden and do some work’ […]

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10 August 2008


Brassicas. Another vegetable type that we have never had any success with. If you’re wondering how we’ve ever kept going with this planting lark after all our failures, all I can say is that we’re northerners – we’re used to disappointment. But no longer. Encouraged by my pea success and mindful of my crop rotation, […]

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9 August 2008

This much I know

You can’t beat summer. Shame we’re not having more of it.

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8 August 2008

Learning to pea

This year has been the first where I have successfully grown peas and I could not be more proud. I have tried in the past but not even managed germination. Unless you count the experiment we did in our 3rd year at school where we soaked a dried pea and then germinated it in a […]

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7 August 2008

Latest addition to Team Soup

One of the unforseen consequences of vegetable gardening at home is that we now produce far more material for composting than we used to. Our two beehive composters are full and we are, of course, still shelling peas, topping and tailing carrots and ripping up teabags in the kitchen that also need somewhere to rot […]

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1 August 2008

First of the month

July was a great month in the garden here at Soup Towers. We had the first proper summery weather and have really been reaping rewards from our potager. You can see in the bottom right of this picture that we have had most of our potato crop for the year – and very delicious they […]

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