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9 August 2008

This much I know

You can’t beat summer. Shame we’re not having more of it.

Filed under: Seasons - summer,This much I know — Clare @ 1:45 pm

4 responses

  1. Nancy Bond

    LOL! Our summer here in eastern Canada has sort of sucked, too — lots of warm, humid, dull days. I’m hoping some Great Wind will blow this nastiness away and we can salvage the last couple weeks of August. Then, there’s always September. :)

    (09.08.08 @ 5:35 pm)

  2. Lucy @ Smallest Smallholding

    You can beat summer – Autumn! My fave season, the bit where you get just an inkling of a chill in the air but the fruit and veg produce is still coming thick and fast.

    (09.08.08 @ 8:35 pm)

  3. HappyMouffetard

    Lovely photo – the light is lovely – you must have made the most of the little bit of sunshine you’ve had!

    (12.08.08 @ 7:03 pm)

  4. Clare

    Hi All!

    Nancy – it’s only got worse here since I posted this. Rain, rain and more rain.

    Lucy – Welcome to P’soup. You’re right of course, Autumn is probably my favourite season. Though I’m also a really big fan of Spring too. Aaaarrrgh- indecision!

    HM – thank you for your lovely compliment! It’s true, I did pretty much dash outside with the camera when there was some nice weather and beat a hasty retreat when I felt rain again.

    (13.08.08 @ 5:18 pm)

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