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21 August 2008

This much I know

Photography makes this summer look much better than it feels.

Filed under: Seasons - summer,This much I know — Clare @ 1:06 pm

7 responses

  1. Anthony

    Wow, nice shot. Could you take a picture of me. I’d like to look better than I feel too. :)

    (21.08.08 @ 2:04 pm)

  2. Clare

    Hi Anthony – Thank you. Sorry, can’t photgraph you- I’m saving all that kind of magic for myself coz I need it too!

    (21.08.08 @ 2:35 pm)

  3. martian77

    Something has to help! This summer’s been a write-off. Off to find my camera.

    (21.08.08 @ 3:00 pm)

  4. Clare

    Hi martian77! A real wash-out. I’ve been pretending there’s a real summer out there by only venturing out whenever the sun peeks out from behind a cloud and then scurrying back inside when it rains. Spending far longer indoors than out!

    (21.08.08 @ 3:14 pm)

  5. Karen - An Artists Garden

    This much I know …..
    You are right.

    (21.08.08 @ 5:27 pm)

  6. easygardener

    Dreadful summer isn’t it. My garden chairs have hardly been sat on all year!

    (21.08.08 @ 6:56 pm)

  7. Clare

    Hi Karen – ; )

    Hi easygardener! Ours neither. I wouldn’t mind, but we only got round to buying the matching table this year and we’ve not been able to have dinners outside on it.

    (21.08.08 @ 7:23 pm)

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