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22 August 2008

Premium courgettes

In spite of being somewhat reticent about producing a crop (my fault, not theirs), these Costa Romanesque courgettes have really been worth the heartache.

The fruit are very attractive, ridged and mottled with light green splodges. They have a wonderful crisp texture and stay firm in the fridge for a few days. They are delicious raw, sliced into salads or are nice very slightly sauteed with pancetta and onions, a good grinding of black pepper on top. The taste is slightly nutty and fruitier than your average courgette. Best of all, that ridging gives them a pretty flower shape when sliced. I’ve noticed that Sainsbury’s have been selling this variety packaged up as part of their Taste the Difference range making them pretty expensive.

I’ll definitely be growing them next year and hope to encourage them to produce enough for me to have to get a bit more experimental in the kitchen.

Filed under: Harvest,Veg showcase — Clare @ 1:07 pm

4 responses

  1. HappyMouffetard

    I’m sure they taste as god as they look!

    (22.08.08 @ 6:57 pm)

  2. HappyMouffetard

    Oops – good, not god. Presumably tehey’re not omnipresent and omnipotent!

    (22.08.08 @ 6:57 pm)

  3. Lottie Wannabe

    You’re making me hungry. I will definitely grow some courgettes next year.

    (22.08.08 @ 9:18 pm)

  4. Karen - An Artists Garden

    They look pretty – I grow round yellow ones – so your Costa Romanesque courgettes might be one to try next year.
    Oh – I had a “mini glut” – 5 courgettes :)

    (22.08.08 @ 11:01 pm)

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