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24 August 2008

Sharing the bounty

For the holiday weekend we are visiting friends in Nottingham. We’ve not seen them since they got married last year and I wanted to give them something nice to thank them for putting us up in their lovely home. I put together this small box of mixed produce from the garden. I’m impressed with how it has turned out, to be honest.

They’ve got a small selection of potatoes (Arran Victory, Desiree and Orla), french beans, a lone courgette (hard to give that up at the moment, I can tell you), a plait of garlic and a small jar of pickled garlic. I’ve also given them some little packets of seed that I made from brown paper with bean and courgette seeds in them.

One of the things I enjoy most about growing vegetables is giving stuff away. I don’t just mean palming people off with excess courgettes and beans when there is a glut (seriously, if I had a bloody glut I would be doing that too), but giving them a taste of a whole host of good things. Even the stuff that is very precious and limited and which, by rights, I should be saving for our own dinner plates.

But I’ve also given them the seeds because, for me, part of the joy of growing things and giving these presents is to try to pass on the enthusiasm I have. Perhaps they won’t grow them. No matter. It’s not my intention to hector anyone – these people are my friends, after all. But if, having tasted some of my delicious harvest (excuse me while I blow that trumpet of mine), they are tempted simply to open the packets, that will have been a worthwhile start.

Filed under: Enthusings,Harvest — Clare @ 4:51 pm

2 responses

  1. easygardener

    Good idea. I think giving things you’ve grown to friends reminds them that not everything originates with Tescos – and they might be tempted to plant some seeds which is even better.

    (25.08.08 @ 9:00 am)

  2. Clare

    Hi easygardener – I think most of my friends think I’m a bit mad for growing vegetables so I’m not sure that they are likely to be converted, but a girl can try!

    (26.08.08 @ 2:53 pm)

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