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31 August 2008

Oh how well we will dine tonight!

Having been away for a few short days when the sun was shining and returned to rain, I was unsure what I would find in the garden. Rampant slugs, most likely. But, joy of joys, I was able to cut three courgettes. For us this year, this counts as a glut, a veritable glut I tell you!

OK summer, all is forgiven.

Filed under: Harvest — Clare @ 6:12 pm

4 responses

  1. Lottie Wannabe

    Are they supposed to be that shape? I’m thinking of growing some next year.

    (31.08.08 @ 7:59 pm)

  2. Karen - An Artists Garden

    You survived the Basingstoke roundabouts then! (nightmare)
    Nice courgettes – I like the round ones best.

    (31.08.08 @ 8:57 pm)

  3. LisaB

    Thanks for the brill idea of veg-box gifts. Just come back from a weekend away and our friends were delighted with the ‘Sunday lunch veg box’ that we brought them. It’s to great to be able to share your home grown produce.

    (31.08.08 @ 9:45 pm)

  4. Clare

    Lottie Wannabe – Hi! Yes, the round ones are a variety called Rondo di Nizza and are particularly nice stuffed (there’s a recipe somewhere on the recipe pages here for that), but I do have a normal straight variety too. Courgettes are a must as far as I am concerned.

    Hi Karen – Ah yes, Basingstoke was fab. Well, visiting my Dad was fab, Basingstoke was just Basingstoke!

    Lisa B – How lovely. Glad I inspired you to your Sunday lunch veg box – sounds really great.

    (01.09.08 @ 4:19 pm)

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