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10 September 2008

Late summer

Today the sun has shone and there has been no rain (shh, whisper it!). I’m trying to make the most of it as things are going to hot up at work very soon and there will be much less time for gardening or blogging. Or sanity. Trouble is, there’s not a great deal to be […]

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9 September 2008

Autumn on its way.

Our atumn raspberries are on their way. Ideally, I would like a load of them to be ripe when my Mum visits next week as they are her favourite fruit which is why I put them in the potager in the first place. Fingers crossed.

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8 September 2008

Hall of shame

On a recent post of mine, easygardener left a nice comment and mentioned that the garden looked neat. Ahem. I think it’s only fair to say that this is not an accurate reflection of life in our garden. The camera is not supposed to lie, but there are a multitude of sins hidden in those […]

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7 September 2008

Sunshine and rain

Readers who are UK residents will know that this summer has been largely wet, rainy and generally washed-out. Every single day recently has been accompanied by the drumming of raindrops on the windows. But every now and then there is a break in the weather, the sun smiles (weakly) and there is an opportunity to […]

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6 September 2008

Note to self

Must remember to check all future harvested garden produce for wee beasties before putting them in the fridge. It would be nice not to be waved at by a slug the next time I open the door.

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5 September 2008

The scent of hope

I love sweet peas – who doesn’t -but in the past I have felt frustrated that mine have not started to flower until late in the summer. Having read up a little bit I have discovered that it would help if I sowed my seeds from about now so that’s what I have started to […]

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4 September 2008

This much I know

You’re missing out if you expect sunsets only in the sky.

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3 September 2008

Squash surprise

As you might imagine from the name of this blog, we’re fans of pumpkins. Or, if not pumpkins then certainly squash. This year I have grown three varieties from seed – marina di chioggia, golden apple and butternut. Unfortunately, I had a labelling accident early on (ahem) so I have no idea which seedlings made […]

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2 September 2008

First of the month

August was not nearly as sunny, warm or dry as July and that has had a marked effect in the garden. Aside from anything else, it seemed to interrupt the courgettes just as they were getting started. It also meant that the garden has not been a very nice place to be what with all […]

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1 September 2008

Here’s hoping we don’t get fed up of them…

Having picked a bumper crop of climbing beans yesterday, there was nothing for it but to trim, blanch and freeze the vast majority of them. There are still plenty more on their way so it’s bean with everything. No bad thing. PS. First of the Month will return just as soon as it stops raining […]

Filed under: Harvest — Clare @ 7:09 pm

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