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3 September 2008

Squash surprise

As you might imagine from the name of this blog, we’re fans of pumpkins. Or, if not pumpkins then certainly squash. This year I have grown three varieties from seed – marina di chioggia, golden apple and butternut.

Unfortunately, I had a labelling accident early on (ahem) so I have no idea which seedlings made it out into the garden so we will just have to wait and see what we end up with.

Of course, the biggest surprise will be if there are any squash at all under there that have not been destryed by slugs or rotted away thanks to the heavy rain.

Filed under: Mulch — Clare @ 3:42 pm

4 responses

  1. easygardener

    Is your Marina di chioggia knobbly? I think I got the wrong seeds in my packet – mine is large but fairly smooth and green, looks more like one of those Turk’s cap/turban varieties. Bit of a disappointment really.

    (03.09.08 @ 7:05 pm)

  2. Clare

    Hi easygardener – I have no idea, I’m afraid. Unsure whether the marina di chioggia made it into the ground and fruit are all still very small and delicate looking!

    (04.09.08 @ 3:34 pm)

  3. allotmentblogger

    Hi Easygardener, we’ve got the Marina de chioggia this year and although the fruit are smaller than we’d hoped, they are quite knobbly although because the pumpkins are small it’s more warty than knobbly – if you take my meaning. Who did you get your seed from?

    (04.09.08 @ 8:39 pm)

  4. Bonnie Ruth

    I am growing Marina de chioggias for the first time this year, with seeds from Seed Savers. The largest of mine are knobbly, others not. I have been assuming it is a question of maturity. Does anyone know when to harvest and how to cook them?

    (08.10.08 @ 9:21 pm)

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