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8 September 2008

Hall of shame

On a recent post of mine, easygardener left a nice comment and mentioned that the garden looked neat.


I think it’s only fair to say that this is not an accurate reflection of life in our garden. The camera is not supposed to lie, but there are a multitude of sins hidden in those ‘First of the month’ shots. They could remain that way, but one of my pet hates is being shown only perfect plots. I find it so disheartening. And, given that my approach has never been from a position of expert (I don’t have much clue about what I’m doing, though I am learning), I don’t want to give an impression of having effortlessly achieved perfection in the garden.

So here’s a selection of current garden sins. Browse and be heartened.

First up is my bed of scrappy beets, competing (and losing) with a variety of weeds.

When I do get around to weeding or trimming or generally tidying up, there needs to be a place for the weeds and trimmings to go. You would think that it would be easy to put everything straight into the compost, wouldn’t you? Apparently not. For some reason I make a habit of throwing the discarded plant matter onto the paths and leaving it there for days on end. Lovely.

Next is one of the many piles of quarry tiles in different parts of the garden. I use these in different beds at different times for subdivision, but once I have finished with them they have to go somewhere else. Sometimes end up scattered over the paths which is not only very untidy but rather dangerous.

And finally (because there is only so much shame I can endure in one sitting), here is the disaster that is my leek bed. Scrappy leeks and weed heaven. In fairness, it’s not entirely my fault that this bed is in such a state. Our local fox likes to use this particular bed on her way through the garden and does not seem to mind trampling my leeks to bits in the process.

Now then, confession is no fun without company – I want to know all about your garden eyesores. ‘Fess up.

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10 responses

  1. Karen - An Artists Garden

    How lovely – they say confession is good for the soul.
    I will post about my messy bits and sins later in the week – I have lots, although not perhaps as many as there was because I have just had two weeks holiday – at home in the garden :)

    (08.09.08 @ 5:43 pm)

  2. Jopan

    If you take a look on my site i’ve many photos of my plot which is covered in weeds. i’m not ashamed. Much! :) my old plot (my uncles field) is four miles from my home and i don’t own a car. I don’t go there as often as i ought. This is why i got a new allotment barely a three minute walk from my house, also covered in weeds but i’m fixing that.

    (08.09.08 @ 6:55 pm)

  3. Soilman

    Glad to see your ‘wobbly bits’. Perversely, I take more pleasure in documenting my failures and imperfections than my successes. Is this post-imperialist British self-flagellation, perhaps?

    (09.09.08 @ 8:33 am)

  4. Tattyanne

    Well done and thankyou! I too am a messy gardener, as I wander around the plot I pull weeds here and there scattering them as I go! Not only am I messy, I am also dangerous!!! I frequently leave tools lying around , rakes, hoes etc, (Extremely dangerous!) constantly falling over string lines, or bags of rubbish that I pile up meaning to take them home, but never getting around to it. the list could go on, but I think enough said already! Tattyanne

    (09.09.08 @ 10:25 am)

  5. Karen - An Artists Garden

    I have done a post about my messy bits.
    Thanks for the “inspiration”

    (09.09.08 @ 9:42 pm)

  6. Clare

    Hi all – It’s very good to know I’m not on my own in this (I had suspected I wasn’t, but you never can tell). Time for us all to take pride in our horticultural imperfection!

    (10.09.08 @ 4:26 pm)

  7. Krys

    Thanks for sharing the reality — it’s fun to read a post and grin with guilty understanding. I’ve posted some photos of summer-long transgressions on my blog in response: http://urbanwildplants.blogspo.....arden.html


    (11.09.08 @ 6:16 pm)

  8. Clare

    Hi Krys – Welcome to P’Soup. I love the phrase ‘guilty understanding’! Glad my post made you grin and inspired you to share your own contenders.

    (12.09.08 @ 3:29 pm)

  9. Tony

    A refreshing sentiment. Still looks very neat to me. The excuse that I make is that the allotment was under running water. Now I can get on to it again I will be weeding with some vigour.

    (01.10.08 @ 6:15 pm)

  10. (Other) Karen

    I see my fellow blogging namesake has been here as well! I am famous for pulling out stuff and then leaving it in a pile, too. Also usually have big bags of garden-center compost lying around in full view, often right on the street. I’m sure my neighbors love that! This year I got all the way down to the last one but then never got it spread on the ground. Love your blog, glad you’re back!

    (13.01.09 @ 6:02 am)

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