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17 January 2009

Out on the wiley, windy moors

In spite of the fact that I spent some time in the garden today, there’s not a great deal to report to do with growing things right now. So unless you really want to read a post about how I spent 15 minutes wrestling with the shed door to get it open, I will indulge myself and write about other things for the time being. Well, I need to ease myself gently back in to this blogging lark.

I promised you a brief update about the various things we’ve been up to over the time of the pumpkin hiatus and that’s going to start here with selected highlights of our new year trip to Whitby.

I really love Whitby so when we were planning where to go for new year with friends and struggled to find somewhere suitable (Barcelona was our first choice) a stay on the Yorkshire coast  seemed like a really good idea. Of course, I hadn’t factored in the searingly cold weather, but it would be churlish to complain of that when everything else was so lovely.

After the huge amounts of food and drink at Christmas it was great to get away to coats walks, sea air and huge amounts of food and drink. Well, we were on holiday. The only real blot was that Owen came down with some nasty vomiting thing on new year’s eve for a couple of days. I’d had it just after Christmas so I suppose it was not entirely unexpected, but it did mean that he was curled up in bed that evening while the rest of us celebrated in a little bistro near where we were staying in Hinderwell. Not the best start to the year.

I’m not much of one for resolutions, but having taken a leaf out of Stonesoup’s book, I am planning to make 2009 a year of music. I’ll let you know soon how that’s going as well as updating you on my garden plans and marathon soup making sessions. In the meantime, what have you all been getting up to while I’ve been away?

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7 responses

  1. LOna

    The picture of the castle is gorgeous.I hope you have it published somewhere.

    (17.01.09 @ 6:26 pm)

  2. Aidan

    Sheds can be picturesque! I think my mine’s older than that Abbey – has door problems too.

    (19.01.09 @ 9:31 pm)

  3. Tom


    What a lovely and informative blog. I was wondering if you could link my blog (http://www.eaglestonelandscapedesign.co.uk/blog/) on yours please. My blog is where, like you, I am championing ‘grow your own’ and general gardening as well as writing about all things I find interesting in garden design.

    I am going to link yours on mine for people to read.

    Many thanks


    (20.01.09 @ 10:34 am)

  4. Caroline

    Welcome back! I’m looking forward to reading about your gardening year. I’m also hoping for the best after last year’s dreary summer – at least my allotment is in better shape now. i took it on last year and it was completely overgrown, now at least it is mostly dug over.

    (28.01.09 @ 9:39 am)

  5. Jean

    I was looking for a pumpkin soup receipe and came across your blog. I still have pumpkin from my garden an want to make something warming with it today. I am in Toronto and chuckled when you mentioned spending time in your garden as of January 17. My garden is under 2 feet of snow and ice and has been since mid December! This will go on until probbaly mid March. We sometimes have milder winters but the last two have been quite nasty. I love the picture of the church in Whitby. My husband and I have spent several vacations in England many in Yorkshire (my grandpa was from Yorkshire). We spent an afternoon at the church, such a beautiful spot! Anyway will go make soup to keep us warm while we watch the snow fall.

    (28.01.09 @ 3:20 pm)

  6. themanicgardener

    Oh, a year of music–sounds great! I’ve made what amounts to a similar resolution, and have actually collected some people to do some singing. Let us know what you’re trying to get going.

    (12.03.09 @ 10:43 pm)

  7. allotmentblogger

    As for opening shed doors – I sympathise. Things are easier now the weather is not quite so rampant, but there were a few weeks in the winter when it took two of us to fight our way into the shed!

    (14.04.09 @ 2:39 pm)

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