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18 April 2009

Hunger makes great sauce

To the uneducated eye it could appear as though this blog is in its death throes. No posts since January? Shocking.

If I can just explain… I know I don’t talk about work here in any detail, but suffice to say that working in a team where three people have left has kept me pretty busy. Add to that my PhD studies which are taking up a lot of my time and energy – this is likely to increase over the next 18 months as I work towards completion. And did I mention that this year would be a year of music? I did? Well, that’s been going really well, but all those rehearsals and concerts are somewhat time-consuming.

Fear not. Pumpkin Soup has often been in my mind and I do still have high hopes and big plans for it. Aside from anything else, I am hoping to get into a more ‘bite-sized’ habit of sitting down to write rather than having to write my 80,000 word thesis in one massive binge session. My plan is that if I can use P’Soup as another place to write just anything then that can only help.

So, thank you for all your encourgaing comments (back in January!) and for your forbearance. You shouldn’t have to wait quite so long for the next post. Still, the long wait only makes the meal itself all the more delicious, doesn’t it?

Filed under: Mulch,Writing — Clare @ 8:22 am

3 responses

  1. Amy

    It sure does! Make sure you find time to sit down with a cuppa and relax.

    (18.04.09 @ 5:38 pm)

  2. Clare

    Hi Amy – Will do! Copious cups of tea are planned!!

    (20.04.09 @ 11:29 am)

  3. Soilman

    Nice to see you back. I was about to despair of you!!

    (21.04.09 @ 6:50 am)

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