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17 October 2009


The garden is shrinking back. Curling up and preparing to snooze for the winter. Instead of vibrant greens there are muted browns, fiery reds and smouldering oranges.

Dry teasel head

It’s true that I am still harvesting courgettes (I kid you not), but not for much longer.  The autumn fruiting raspberries are putting on an astonishing show, but their message is clear: this is the garden’s last gasp.

For this season at any rate.

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8 responses

  1. Soilman

    Ooo… I say. You’ve had a bit of a face-lift, haven’t you? Have you lost a column, or gained something else, or just redesigned a bit?

    Anyroad, I like it. Clean, tasty, simple.

    And do I have the honour of being your first visitor?

    (17.10.09 @ 5:27 pm)

  2. Lucy Corrander

    I haven’t been here for a while and assumed your blog has been like this for months – but Soilman’s comment suggests otherwise. I like the design too.

    I like teasles.

    At one point, it seemed as if tomatoes (in Dorset) wouldn’t ripen – but we are still picking them.


    (17.10.09 @ 10:05 pm)

  3. Clare

    Hi both! Thanks for the lovely comments. We’ve made no design changes though so not sure what you’re seeing that wasn’t there before! Perhaps your browser window is a different size? THere are 2 columns for a small window, 3 for full size.

    Still, now you’ve gone and given me ideas…

    (18.10.09 @ 11:07 am)

  4. Soilman

    Seeing things again… But you have changed the URL, right??!

    (18.10.09 @ 12:15 pm)

  5. Clare

    Ah yes – that is right. New home. 😀

    (18.10.09 @ 12:32 pm)

  6. Rosie at Eco-gites

    Hello – just found your blog having a wander round blogworld on this first darker evening after the clocks change. I’m quite glad my veg patch is slowing down; it may be sad to be harvesting the last of the peppers, tomatoes etc but the rush to get things processed is over for a while. That siad I still have a lot of apples do deal with and stuff in the freezer waiting to be turned into pickles and jams.

    Rosie x

    (25.10.09 @ 7:46 pm)

  7. Deb

    I found you completely by accident!!!! was looking for a recipe for Pumpkin soup to make the most of the leftovers from halloween. Love the website, beautiful photographs, and even though I don’t have a plantable garden at the moment I really enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work…

    (31.10.09 @ 7:28 pm)

  8. allotment blogger

    Can’t wait for my garden to shrink a bit more! usually by this time of year we’d have put the lawnmower away, started to burn the old wood and stuff, and generally began to relax – but for the past few years the autumn has got longer and longer.

    (04.11.09 @ 4:32 pm)

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