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30 December 2009


Let’s just say that the past few weeks have been, well, testing. We’ve had a kitchen built in what was our living room. Because nothing helps with thesis writing like major house renovations. And there’s no better time for such refurbishment than in the run up to Christmas, is there? It all came good in […]

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28 December 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past

The thing about Christmas is, all that time spent with family inevitably results in nostalgic stories. This effect is increased when your mother arrives bearing hundreds of ancient photos she’s dug up (at your request, if truth be told) and which she brandishes with the express purpose of embarassing you. Internet, you must already know […]

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17 December 2009

Season’s greetings

The pull of the PhD is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore so I have been neglecting you, gentle reader. Take comfort in the fact that I think of you often (no, really) and expect to be able to take up P’Soup again with renewed vigour sometime next year. It will possibly be late next year, […]

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