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17 December 2009

Season’s greetings


The pull of the PhD is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore so I have been neglecting you, gentle reader. Take comfort in the fact that I think of you often (no, really) and expect to be able to take up P’Soup again with renewed vigour sometime next year. It will possibly be late next year, but that’s the best I can offer at this time.

So for now I thank you for your patience, your understanding and your encouraging comments. I hope that you have a fabulous Christmas (if that’s your thing) or other seasonal fun and feasting. Take care, keep warm and let me know what’s going on in your garden (it might stop me worrying about what’s *not* happening in mine!).

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5 responses

  1. Emma

    I have just started a PHd (this october) and was wondering how you have manged to keep up with the gardening and the PHD? I have just let one of my plots go& need to do some serious work on the other one if I am going to be allowed to keep it – having let it go to pot in the past year!

    (18.12.09 @ 8:23 pm)

  2. Auraengus

    Thank you for your seasonal comments, and the Best of Wishes for you and yours. To let you know what is happening in our garden at this time – snow – some couple of inches, and our yurt which we have been sleeping in since the weather turned colder! Lying under the oak and chestnut with owls sat in the branches only a couple of feet above us, hooting and talking together is priceless. Looking forward to your contributions to the online literary world in the New Year!

    (19.12.09 @ 4:41 pm)

  3. Soilman

    Merry Christmas… my favourite oxymoron.

    Would love to tell you about what’s happening on my plot, but I have the same problem. Too busy to get there much right now. Next year WILL be a triumph, though. It has to be. Because without the digging exercise, the waistband will split on every pair of trousers I own.

    (21.12.09 @ 8:01 am)

  4. Clare

    Hello all! Thank you for your lovely thoughts.

    Emma – The easy, but rather disheartening answer to your question is that I have not kept up the gardening very well at all throughout the life of the PhD. The slightly more complex answer is that I made life a lot easier for myself by giving up our allotment and turning most of our small garden into our veg plot. It’s a much more managaebale size for us and as it’s just outside the back door I can still get something done in just 20 mins at a time. That said, I am currently very behind with prep for next year and there are no winter veg in the garden. Very poor effort!

    I think you can keep it going if you want to – in my case gardening has been necessary space for escape and sometimes forthinking – but you will have to lower your expectations for teh time you have available and how much attention you can pay to your crops. You will probably not plan quite as well and yields will be lower, there will be less time for picking slugs and snails and so on. But it will be worth it. And the wonderful world of gardening will still be there when you emerge on the other side…

    Auraengus – Sounds like you’re really enjoying the snow and the yurt sounds chilly but very exciting.

    Soilman – Split trousers down the allotment? Now there’s a video I wouldn’nt mind seeing!

    (21.12.09 @ 4:54 pm)

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