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12 January 2010

Forward facing fragments

… a lot to look forward to this year … … a feeling of excitement and possibility … … one BIG birthday to reach and one massive party to plan … … redesign Pumpkin Soup? Add a bit of spice? Introduce some new ingredients? Just write a bit more frequently? … … chomping at the […]

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7 January 2010

Ten years ago

Back on New Year’s Eve there were a lot of Tweets from people about what their lives were like as the year ticked round from 1999 to 2000. For me, some things can’t be confined to 140 characters and I guess this is a little bit late anyway, but here goes… Ten years ago we […]

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4 January 2010

Un Ballo in Maschera

For a long time now we have spent new year with a particular group of friends. It’s getting to the stage where it just wouldn’t feel like new year without them. You might remember that we went to Florence one year and last year we went to Whitby (yeah, you can hold your ‘sublime to […]

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