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7 January 2010

Ten years ago

Back on New Year’s Eve there were a lot of Tweets from people about what their lives were like as the year ticked round from 1999 to 2000. For me, some things can’t be confined to 140 characters and I guess this is a little bit late anyway, but here goes…

Ten years ago we spent new year in a chilly cottage in rural Wales with a bunch of friends. The plan had been to cook a huge feast, get dressed up and raise a glass or two (what do you mean ‘there’s a theme here’?). Our plans were derailed when the power went after only 30 mins of the roast being in the oven. We waited a good couple of hours for the repair man to arrive, he spent five minutes sorting it out and we had power. Until he had driven out of view and then the power went again. Freezing cold cottage, no hot food, miles from anywhere – what were we to do?

Well, it probably comes as no surprise when I tell you that we cracked open several bottles of wine and beer, and saw in 2000 on the roof of the cottage while singing, dancing and watching fireworks. We didn’t bother with the posh (but scanty and, therefore, chilly) clothes…

That December we had just bought our first house and spent a lovely Christmas there only days after we moved in.

The new house is significant because the house had a huge and somewhat overgrown back garden. We had decided we wanted a house without a garden as I was completing my Masters and, let’s face it, working at an important (to me) piece of academic work while attempting to tame nature is not a good idea, now is it? (Turns out I still haven’t learned that one…) Plus, we knew nothing about gardening. Still, all we could think of was the possibilities for barbecues…

In the end, the garden pretty much sold the house to us. Or rather, the gorgeous, mature Bramley apple tree stuck right in the middle of it did. In the two years we were there we had apple pies, apple crumble, apple chutney (oh, so much chutney), apple cake, apple tart and most anything else involving cooking apples that you can think of. The previous owners even grew vegetables (who would have thought it?) and this inspired my own first attempts with potatoes (a success), courgettes (eaten by bastard slugs) and carrots (complete no-show). I didn’t realise I was also sowing the seeds of what would become an increasingly important part of my life, as well as this blog.

So what were you getting up to ten years ago and how has it influenced where you are now?

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3 responses

  1. stromnessdragon

    My NYE 10 years ago was not unlike your own except in our case the ‘no electricty’ option was by choice! It was supposed to be one blog and ended up being four….


    (07.01.10 @ 6:05 pm)

  2. Soilman

    Hmmm…. New Year 1999/2000. That’s going back a bit.

    Wife and I had been married for five months, and living together for only three. Both in our early 30s, never having lived with anyone before, and rather used to having what we wanted, when we wanted it, ie without compromise. Ever.

    So we were finding marriage… challenging. Wonderful, of course, but not always easy. I figured it would gradually get more wonderful and less challenging.

    A decade later, I find I was right about the first, but not the second. Marriage doesn’t get ‘easier’. If anything, the challenges multiply.

    That was the biggest surprise of this time 10 years ago, which I now look back on as the beginning of an education in human relationships that I’d known nothing about until then.

    (08.01.10 @ 1:54 pm)

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