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3 March 2007

Looking wistfully outside

It looks and feels to me as though spring has arrived. The days are brighter, sunnier and warmer and there’s that undeniable twitch in my fingers that tells me I should be outside sowing seed. Unfortunately, life has other ideas for me at the moment and time for getting out into the garden on down […]

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11 February 2007

Because a bar of chocolate on its own is just not decadent enough

As well as having exciting musical events this weekend – marred only slightly by the worry engendered by our bassoonist arriving 24 hours later than we were expecting him (does that still count as fashionably late?) – we also took our chocolate fountain out for its maiden voyage. 1250g (yes, really – over a kilo) […]

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21 December 2006

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated

This is the longest I have ever left between posts – a personal worst, if you will. There’s no excuse, other than being very busy on the one hand and rather uninspired on the other. Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed me to check out that I was still OK. Here’s a whistle-stop […]

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17 November 2006

How to survive a week of 14 hour days when you also then catch a cold…

Run yourself a lovely hot bath and throw in a something soothing containing lavender. If your bathroom just happens to be the most gorgeous place in your home, so much the better. Blow your nose continuously while you wait for the bath to fill. Dim the lights, or light candles. Either way, the ambience should […]

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12 November 2006

Ramming speed

Sorry for the silence. I’m so busy I don’t have time to scratch my, well, to scratch anything really. Someone somewhere seems to have speeded up the clocks and doubled the list of things to do, and if I catch the fellow I’ll give ’em a right good talking to. Or, I would if I […]

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17 August 2006

Mamma Soupy’s fudgelicious, choctasty, creamyummy delight

(or, as we say in this house, there’s always room for ice cream!) You may have noticed that chez soup we love ice cream. Any of you who read the posts from our recent holiday in Trento will have divined this from the numerous mentions of how much of the stuff we ate there. If […]

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6 August 2006

No allotment for us today, though we did spend a long time there yesterday evening doing some weeding and watering and preparing a bed for the leeks. No, today our trio was rehearsing as we have gig in a fortnight. A paying gig no less – all proceeds going to Phil’s ‘good grief is trio […]

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3 March 2006

Inspiration or despair?

I received a phone call not about half an hour ago from Owen’s Dad (Hi there Gareth!) telling me that Gardeners World was featuring allotments in Birmingham, including the wonderful allotments on the street where we live (the ones we were not able to get a plot at unless we waited for at least two […]

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