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28 December 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past

The thing about Christmas is, all that time spent with family inevitably results in nostalgic stories. This effect is increased when your mother arrives bearing hundreds of ancient photos she’s dug up (at your request, if truth be told) and which she brandishes with the express purpose of embarassing you. Internet, you must already know […]

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23 July 2008

So glad that nobody makes me wear hats like this any more!

Today is my birthday. I’m hoping that someone will buy me some trousers like these… This picture of me, my mum and my maternal grandmother gives some kind of idea not only of how I looked then, but presumably also how I will look in years to come. There are worse way to age, I […]

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25 May 2008


Today is Owen’s birthday. Happy Birthday babe! As you can see, he’s as relaxed as ever about it. That would be the bucks fizz he’s had for breakfast. Today is also our little cat’s birthday, we think (long story). So, birthday celebrations all round today. Alas, there will be no birthday barbecue as it’s very […]

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16 October 2007

I don’t recognise myself

Most pictures of me from childhood are instantly recognisable, but not this one, or not to me, at least. Who is that sparky-looking child with the cheeky grin? The crazy cow-lick fringe marks this out as being most definitely me (that and the very helpfully scribbled, ‘me’ on the back!), but this is not how […]

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2 October 2007

Red ribbon day

In order to ‘celebrate’ (ahem) the madness that is the first day of term at work, I thought I would post this picture of me, taken on what I have been told is my first day at school. It seems crazy to me that there would have been photographs on the first day. Just imagine […]

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27 July 2007

On being 37

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I’ve been away visiting first my Dad and then my Mum. No-one can say I’m not a model daughter. I’ve also had a birthday – and I’m not the only one. You are probably wondering what I have learned in my 37 rotations of the sun. Am […]

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13 July 2007

Music was my first love

The weekend promises even more rain. This will no doubt make the slugs happy. They certainly have staying power. There can’t be a single plant in the garden that has not been attacked by them in some way or other. By now all local slugs are enormous bloated hulks – the fat cats of the […]

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18 March 2007

Mothering Sunday

It turns out that I was either the biggest baby in the world or, more likely judging by this photo, a ventriloquist’s dummy (that facial expression is pure Nookie Bear). Either way, I expect I was a bit of a handful so thanks, Mum, for doing such a good job. And by the way, I’m […]

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