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16 August 2008

Strawberry runners

My strawberry plants have served me well this year. I had intended to grow them in bags on makeshift staging, but in the end we just sat them on the wall where they positively thrived. Although the crop is now well and truly over (just shy of 3kg in total which is not bad from […]

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5 May 2008

Magic beans

If there’s one vegetable plant I can grow it’s climbing french beans. They were the first thing I grew in this garden, in a pot on the patio. When we were struggling with the allotment and overgrown with bindweed we still managed to harvest enormous quantities of french beans. It’s only natural, then, that the […]

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1 May 2008

Stick it to ’em!

Success! After voting today (a traditional May Day activity, I think you’ll find) I went for a walk in the sunshine with my gardening assistant, secateurs in hand. We wandered down near the canal and found a very convenient fallen tree, desperate to give up its broken branches to a higher purpose. My peas now […]

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2 November 2007

The birds and the beans

Last week I was delighted to see that my broad beans had germinated. When I sowed them I had cleverly protected them against the onslaught of the local mouse and squirrel populations by laying wire mesh over the area. As they started to poke through the soil I lifted the mesh. And now the bastard […]

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10 June 2007

Thriving on neglect

I have a number of strawberry plants in the garden, planted out last year as a temporary measure before being transplanted to the allotment at some point. There seems little point in shifting them to the plot now so they are still in their temporary home. The work on the garden continues around them. Yesterday […]

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11 May 2007

Potting on – a necessary evil

I’m taking it easy again today as I have a long working day tomorrow, heading up to York for a conference. I have been adding links to my blogroll, playing with photographs in my picture editor and pootling outside potting on my seedlings. Potting on has to be my least favourite garden job, so it […]

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11 May 2006

The Pumpkin Soup engineering project

Having survived my Italian exam without sounding too much like an idiot (though it did feel like the longest 12 minutes of my life) I treated myself by hot-footing it down to the allotment and dragging my long-suffering assistant with me. Tonight’s project? The frame for the climbing beans. I’d popped down earlier to purchase […]

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27 March 2006

Do wood pigeons like champagne?

Our trip to the plot in the rain on Saturday was successful in that we laid the first two sheets of large black plastic, covering about half of the rotovated ground. It has been slightly nerve-wracking since then as the weather has been pretty windy and we’ve both been worried that the sheets would prove […]

Filed under: Baby plants,Hard labour,Sowings — Clare @ 6:21 pm

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