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24 August 2007

Don’t put your strawberries on the stage, Mrs Worthington!

Or rather, do. Some time ago in the back of a magazine I saw an advert for a ‘strawberry table-top‘. I thought it was an interesting idea, particularly as at the time I was having to fight the slugs for my own strawberries and those I did save were pretty much all splashed with mud. […]

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28 May 2006

One step beyond!

As predicted, the weather yesterday was very, very wet. Fortunately, my friends are resiliant, hardworking and loyal (or just plain mad) so we braved the torrential rain and were later rewarded with sunshine. This is us at the end of our five hour stint – we’re pretty much dried out by this point, and as […]

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11 May 2006

The Pumpkin Soup engineering project

Having survived my Italian exam without sounding too much like an idiot (though it did feel like the longest 12 minutes of my life) I treated myself by hot-footing it down to the allotment and dragging my long-suffering assistant with me. Tonight’s project? The frame for the climbing beans. I’d popped down earlier to purchase […]

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10 February 2006

A watched pot…

There’s been a fair bit of newspaper recycling creativity going on in the allotment blog community. WiZeR, Mildew, Plot Holes and Anything But Sprouts have all been at it. And tonight, so have I. I was given one of these as a Christmas present in 2004 (I really don’t remember it being quite so expensive, […]

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