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6 September 2008

Note to self

Must remember to check all future harvested garden produce for wee beasties before putting them in the fridge. It would be nice not to be waved at by a slug the next time I open the door.

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25 August 2008

Good advice?

Despairing of my green tomatoes, I looked to Saint Flowerdew for guidance who told me that, “The first green fruits can be helped to redden by an over-ripe banana placed nearby.”
My patio now has a number of slowly rotting bananas sitting among the tomato plants. And resolutely green tomatoes.

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3 April 2008

Idiot chitting

Let me preface this post by saying that I have been rather distracted by work over the last couple of months so my potager concentration has not been what it might have been. Honestly.
Plus I feel utterly ashamed and stupid. So be gentle with me, OK?
So, I finally got around to planting out [...]

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16 February 2006

Lessons we can learn from Charlie Dimmock

Be warned. This is a post about bras.
There are some things that do not get mentioned in gardening books. A description of the terrible, gnawing despair you will feel when slugs completely decimate your squash seedlings or when a ridiculously late frost wipes out your sweetcorn is one thing. The need for [...]

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9 October 2005

All the leaves are brown

My allotment morale has been rather autumnal, as the optimism and energy of summer fade and I am faced with dull, wet, grey weather, and the nights begin drawing in. I think I have been finding managing the allotment particularly difficult as I try to find my way in my very challenging, ovewhelming and [...]

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9 May 2005

Dos and Don’ts part II

Do remember that the correct place for all your miniature spirit bottles, yoghurt pots, crisp packets and used condoms is the communal compost pile. Veteran and newbie allotmenteers alike can have hours of fun pulling out your refuse as they pile spadefulls into their barrows. Think of it as an eclectic and unconventional [...]

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7 April 2005

Good advice

In an effort to make Pumpkin Soup a more interesting and useful resource for the many hundreds of you (!) that have contacted me for advice, I have decided to start a new category that will enable me to pass on useful tips gleaned from bitter experience so that you can avoid the embarassing errors [...]

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