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27 August 2009

Life List

Getting married has contributed to my recent and ongoing nostalgia (another nostoalgia post is in the pipeline). But it has also made me think about the future quite a lot. This is a factor in some changes that I hope to make around Pumpkin Soup quite soon (for which read ‘the next six months’ or […]

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24 August 2009

When weeded bliss is too much to hope for…

Me and the assistant got married. Kind of on a whim, with barely any notice (four weeks) for our family and friends who, in spite of their shock, did a very good job of getting there and enjoying themselves. We enjoyed it too (as I think you can see!). So no, it doesn’t account for […]

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24 August 2008

Sharing the bounty

For the holiday weekend we are visiting friends in Nottingham. We’ve not seen them since they got married last year and I wanted to give them something nice to thank them for putting us up in their lovely home. I put together this small box of mixed produce from the garden. I’m impressed with how […]

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18 August 2008

Purple reign

Anyone who knows me even slightly can tell you that I adore purple. I love it. Shoes, clothes, trinkets, bathroom – if it’s purple I’ll have it. It’s such a rich, vibrant colour and the associations with chocolate don’t hurt either. Stuck for an idea of what to get me for a gift? Pretty much […]

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31 May 2007

This is how I feel

For Christmas my brother and I bought our Mum a voucher for a half day at a spa. Today she and I went to enjoy the treatments there. One steam room session, one massage with hot stones (heartily recommended), one session of Hopi ear candles (a bit weird, but seems to have brought a whole […]

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18 April 2007

Wondering whether I will still be gardening 68 years from now…

Feeling a bit creaky and sore after too much digging and weeding? Wondering if you have the energy to fork over another border? Me too. Quite often I feel unfit, weak and past it when it comes to facing tasks we have down the allotment or in the garden. While I know that this is […]

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11 October 2006

Ice cream update

Remember my ice cream epiphany? Last night we had Honey Crunchie Delight: Honey ice cream with broken up crunchies mixed in, plus swirls of honey and chocolate. Absolutely. Best. Ever.

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17 August 2006

Mamma Soupy’s fudgelicious, choctasty, creamyummy delight

(or, as we say in this house, there’s always room for ice cream!) You may have noticed that chez soup we love ice cream. Any of you who read the posts from our recent holiday in Trento will have divined this from the numerous mentions of how much of the stuff we ate there. If […]

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