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17 October 2009


The garden is shrinking back. Curling up and preparing to snooze for the winter. Instead of vibrant greens there are muted browns, fiery reds and smouldering oranges. It’s true that I am still harvesting courgettes (I kid you not), but not for much longer.  The autumn fruiting raspberries are putting on an astonishing show, but […]

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1 May 2009

Earth up! Earth on up! (Like a potato machine)

Earthing up potatoes – who knew there could be so many options? Soilman recently posted about his potatoes and asked his readers whether they earth up in one go or bit by bit. Judging by the comments, there is a wide variety of earthing up practice out there. I mention this because I had been […]

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1 September 2008

Here’s hoping we don’t get fed up of them…

Having picked a bumper crop of climbing beans yesterday, there was nothing for it but to trim, blanch and freeze the vast majority of them. There are still plenty more on their way so it’s bean with everything. No bad thing. PS. First of the Month will return just as soon as it stops raining […]

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31 August 2008

Oh how well we will dine tonight!

Having been away for a few short days when the sun was shining and returned to rain, I was unsure what I would find in the garden. Rampant slugs, most likely. But, joy of joys, I was able to cut three courgettes. For us this year, this counts as a glut, a veritable glut I […]

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24 August 2008

Sharing the bounty

For the holiday weekend we are visiting friends in Nottingham. We’ve not seen them since they got married last year and I wanted to give them something nice to thank them for putting us up in their lovely home. I put together this small box of mixed produce from the garden. I’m impressed with how […]

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22 August 2008

Premium courgettes

In spite of being somewhat reticent about producing a crop (my fault, not theirs), these Costa Romanesque courgettes have really been worth the heartache. The fruit are very attractive, ridged and mottled with light green splodges. They have a wonderful crisp texture and stay firm in the fridge for a few days. They are delicious […]

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17 August 2008

Plot bountiful

Last year when we decided to convert the garden into potager I was confident, for the most part, that it was a good idea. But I would be lying if I said that I was completely sure that we would really make it work. Owen was concerned that I would do my usual trick of […]

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17 July 2008

In a pickle

I think I might have mentioned that we have had a bumper garlic harvest. 11.5kg. That’s a whole lot of stinkiness. In fairness, that is the weight of the garlic with all its leaves still attached, but still, it’s fair to say that we have ridiculous amounts of garlic and so it seems reasonable to […]

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