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8 July 2007


Yesterday and today have seen a break in the weather. We took full advantage by lazing in bed half the weekend, only venturing out briefly to cut back the hedge, mow the lawn (until the lawnmower gave up the ghost part way through) and to have a mini-barbecue. When summer is as fleeting as this, […]

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1 July 2007

On endless rain

It’s tempting to tell you that I’ve not posted in so long because of the non-stop rain which has scuppered all plans of green-fingered activity. But that would be a lie. And while I feel no requirement to be totally honest with you, readers-o-mine, I do think it would be a bit cheap of me […]

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10 June 2007

Thriving on neglect

I have a number of strawberry plants in the garden, planted out last year as a temporary measure before being transplanted to the allotment at some point. There seems little point in shifting them to the plot now so they are still in their temporary home. The work on the garden continues around them. Yesterday […]

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21 January 2007

Rewarded for our efforts

Today we visited the allotment for the first time since October. We were a little anxious about how awful it might be when we got there, and certainly the recent winds had wreaked havoc with last year’s bean frame, but other than that there was much to gladden the heart. All of our garlic is […]

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9 October 2006

Bringing it all back home.

Yesterday I decided that it was time to bring home the bulk of the squashes. Can someone please remind me next year that this is a very prickly task, and that it might be worth actually wearing the gloves I’ve taken down the plot while I do it? I don’t want to end up with […]

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21 September 2006

Stocking up

(which has nothing whatsoever to do with suspenders) You have probably noticed a distinct lack of allotment-related posts here recently. There is a very good reason for this. Our visits to the plot are pretty same-y at the moment: Visit allotment and roll our eyes at the overgrown weeds Harvest excessive amounts of courgettes, french […]

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2 September 2006

Raise the song of harvest home!

When I was a child (yes, that long ago), my favourite hymns at school were the ones we sang for harvest festival – ‘We plough the fields and scatter’, ‘Come, ye thankful people, come’ and – well, can anyone remember any others? ‘Come, ye thankful people, come’ has some particularly nice chord progressions as well […]

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12 August 2006

Small is beautiful

Visit a vegetable show – there’s bound to be one near you soon – and you will see trestle tables piled high with artfully arranged presentation produce. Perfect, un-nibbled cabbages, uniformly conical carrots and aubergines polished to a high mirror shine await inspection while their growers stand protectively nearby. I don’t know if anyone who […]

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