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17 January 2009

Out on the wiley, windy moors

In spite of the fact that I spent some time in the garden today, there’s not a great deal to report to do with growing things right now. So unless you really want to read a post about how I spent 15 minutes wrestling with the shed door to get it open, I will indulge […]

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25 March 2008

My tailor is rich

We’re back now from our holiday and trying to face the sordid realities of shrinking bank balances, full email inboxes and imminent work deadlines. Paris was wonderful, if chilly.  Actually, at times the wind was cold enough that it threatened to remove rather important parts of one’s anatomy if not adequately contained beneath sufficient layers […]

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16 April 2007

Back down to earth

It seems as though we’ve been away for ages, doesn’t it? Well, we have been away, but not all of that time has been spent enjoying the black stuff and the craic. We had a lovely, relaxing time in Ireland, walking (strolling) on beaches in warm sunshine and tiring ourselves out with all the fresh […]

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6 April 2007

A warm Irish welcome

Our allotment lies neglected once more while we enjoy the sunshine here in County Waterford with my Mum. I have to say, I don’t feel remotely guilty. I’m desperately in need of some relaxation so coastal walks in lovely weather with occasional stops for nice food and a glass of Guinness is just exactly what […]

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12 September 2006


I’ve finally got around to uploading photos from various jaunts onto Flickr. You may, or may not, like to take a look at the snaps from our musical weekend (heavily censored edited to protect those who looked foolish), my visit to my Mum in Ireland (lots of seaside pics), and our trip to Weymouth to […]

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28 July 2006

Back to reality

We’re home – welcomed at the door by the cat who has since not left my side (aw – she missed me!). And now we have chores, chores, chores to look forward to. Tomorrow we gird our loins and visit the allotment. In the meantime, I have uploaded our holiday photos here so you can […]

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25 July 2006

Ciao ragazzi!

Back again! Since I wrote last we have cycled ridiculously huge distances (around 25km yesterday in stupid heat); we’ve sweated gallons (most of it during our cycle trip yesterday!); we got a bit sunburnt (in spite of lashings of factor 25 sun cream); we’ve visited a 7,000 year old frozen corpse called Otzi; been taken […]

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20 July 2006

Fa cosi caldo!

A brief message as we take refuge from the 40° heat in Trento. We are staying in the wonderful Agritur La Decima, where our hosts Elena and Giuseppe could not be more helpful or friendly. The plan with this holiday was to stay in the mountains because we thought it would be a bit cooler […]

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