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29 February 2008

Music, sweet music

This weekend we are quintetting again.  Except our horn player can’t play because of dental issues.  He’ll be here and singing his part, but not playing.  Ho hum. We have new music – an arrangement of Peter and the Wolf that we’re looking forward to trying out.  And, of course, there will be food and […]

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7 February 2008

Who’d have thought…

…that when I wrote this it would turn out to be so topical? Reduced blood pressure? So that’s why I’ve not yet torn my hair out!

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9 September 2007

In the pink

The good news is that after yesterday’s funk, I am now feeling a lot more sociable and friendly. Which is just as well given that we’re going to our friends’ wedding tomorrow (by all means visit the site, but you’re not really invited – that’s not up to me), for which Owen and I still […]

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20 August 2007

Just the one hitch

You know you’ve been to a really great party when you wake up the following day with a pulled thigh muscle, a jarred arm, a twisted ankle and a grazed knee. If ever anyone tells you that a Ceilidh is safe, do not believe them. I have the brusies and I know. It was a […]

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18 August 2007

Who was that masked musician?

Today is Daniel and Melanie’s big day. They are getting married in this church, before hot-footing it here where our wonderful quartet will serenade them and their guests at a champagne reception for two whole hours. As the theme of the wedding is ‘Masquerade Ball’ we will be wearing masks while we play. This is […]

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13 August 2007

This much I know

Being able to play musically together involves so much more than just rehearsal.

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13 July 2007

Music was my first love

The weekend promises even more rain. This will no doubt make the slugs happy. They certainly have staying power. There can’t be a single plant in the garden that has not been attacked by them in some way or other. By now all local slugs are enormous bloated hulks – the fat cats of the […]

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11 February 2007

Because a bar of chocolate on its own is just not decadent enough

As well as having exciting musical events this weekend – marred only slightly by the worry engendered by our bassoonist arriving 24 hours later than we were expecting him (does that still count as fashionably late?) – we also took our chocolate fountain out for its maiden voyage. 1250g (yes, really – over a kilo) […]

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