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14 August 2007

National Allotments Week

This is National Allotments Week. How do I know this? An article in the national press? No. Parades, floats and public announcements up and down the country? Nah. A streaker running around Birmingham waving a banner, perhaps? No, siree. Steve Wright mentioned it yesterday , but other than that I have come across no coverage […]

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3 April 2007

Birmingham allotment holders take action

It can be no coincidence that as soon as I decide to step down from political office, a local allotment association gets all radical – in a really good way. This story, about Billesley Lane Allotments (just around the corner from us lot over at Warstock Lane) details how they have put in a planning […]

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31 March 2007

Such a hard life.

We’re back from a long day at the plot, feeling tired and happy. I can tell you briefly that today we have dug over innumerable beds weeded the onions and garlic planted out lettuce seedlings transplanted pot-sown broad beans pulled up all remaining leeks and donated LOADS to other allotment holders, thereby appeasing the allotment […]

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29 March 2007

Able to breathe more easily

I am finally over my cold. Huge thanks for this go to Mel who suggested I take zinc as it is proven to reduce the duration of colds. I’m not entirely sure if it was the zinc itself or just the idea that I was taking something effective, but 48 hours after swallowing my first […]

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17 March 2007

Tony’s not the only lame duck leader

A long time ago you may remember me mentioning how I had been press-ganged into becoming our site’s Allotment Holders’ Association Chairman (or Chair or Chairperson – whatever your preference). I had absolutely no interest in taking on the job but decided to accept the post simply because we numbered so few that otherwise the […]

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28 October 2006

Diplomatic mission

It’s fair to say that since I was elected (and I use the term in its loosest, ‘not-elected-at-all-but-persuaded- with-spades-and-pitchforks-at-my-back’ sense) Chairperson of the Warstock Lane Allotments Association I have hardly been run off my feet with Association-associated tasks. As someone who often doesn’t have enough time to get down there and do a bit of […]

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22 October 2006

Fraternal wit and wisdom

There’s not been much time spent down at the allotment recently. We were there briefly on Monday, but that was an administrative visit (filling in a form for the Association’s bank account) rather than to do any work. Plus the weather has been rainy to almost biblical proportions. I fear for my garlic. Even were […]

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12 October 2005

Landlord at the gate

My rent is due. If I pay in the next two weeks then I get a £4 discount and have to stump up only £20 for the year. It’s such a piddlingly small amount – that much money doesn’t even cover two days’ train travel to work in Leicester. I should get my finger out […]

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